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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 524

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Singer /Musician

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Kent county Michigan

Yes,we did it by over 21,000 votes for Joe.
So choke on that ya orange fuck

It seems every where we go

We see those trump signs,now a huge one of that one hauled on a trailer with several flags and rednecks holding guns.
Are the mad ?? oh yes,when will this stop

Oh Yes,,Wait a Minute

On the road again ??

The moron is taking his madness on the road next week,,,just hoping the virus is very active

Riots in Grand Rapids Mi. Yet quiet in Kalamazoo

last night.
many took to the streets causing damage to police service bldg. as well to many stores and take outs
this crap was not necessary to show any point.
Today,total strangers,flooded downtown to help with the clean up process,with the loss of much to all the shop keepers
there is good to find with most in all of this mess.


Breaking News in Michigan

As if we worry about the virus,now in Midland,Mi. we have a dam failure that dis places at lest 12.000 people with 9 feet of water.
our Gov. has a lot to tend to without this situation keep everyone safe as can be expected,as people are moved to shelters in schools,,no 6 feet apart there,to be sure

They are having a rally

in downtown Grand Rapids,tonight for a get back to work chat,,,then why bring your guns and trump signs ???

As of this week

they will open most or all of the U.P. in Michigan
Now watch everyone flock up there and spread the virus
We need to slow the spread so the lower counties can re open

Another great loss

for our generation

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