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HRC Defended Endorsing a Republican over a Democrat for Senate

The Human Rights Campaign's endorsement of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in January triggered backlash, and the top LGBT lobbying group is once again the center of hot debate because of its latest pick. HRC recently announced its first round of congressional endorsements, and one of them is proving controversial — that of Illinois Republican Mark Kirk for reelection to the Senate.

A writer for The New Republic reacted to the Kirk endorsement...He said Duckworth’s qualifications stand as one of the reasons for the outrage over the Kirk endorsement. “By all accounts, Duckworth is an exceptional candidate,” Eric Sasson wrote on The New Republic’s website. “She is an Iraq War veteran who was wounded in battle; the first Asian-American woman elected to Congress in Illinois; the first disabled woman to be elected to the House of Representatives, ever. If there ever was a candidate that an organization accused of having a diversity problem should not be opposing, it’s Tammy Duckworth.

But critics also say it’s crucial for the LGBT rights movement and progressive causes in general to restore a Democratic majority in the Senate. “Even if one were to argue that Kirk’s record is acceptable, having his party retain control of the Senate decidedly is not,” Sasson wrote. “With the Republican presidential field in Trumpian disarray, control of the Senate is very much in play in 2016. In fact, Kirk is one of the most (if not the most) vulnerable senators up for reelection. One would like to assume that the powers that be at HRC are aware of how much more favorable a Democratic Senate would be on LGBT issues.”


Secretary Clinton approved a $4 million sale for Sandy Hook gun maker Remington in 2012

In the year of the Sandy Hook massacre, Secretary Clinton approved $120 million in sales for the companies that made the murder weapons Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children and 6 adults, including a $4 million sale for gun maker Remington.

On 14 April 2016 a judge ruled that the Sandy Hook families’ lawsuit against gunmaker Remington Arms can move forward. Hillary Clinton is using the massacre for political gain in the presidential campaign. At the Univision debate in March, Clinton said “you want to talk about corporate greed? The gun manufacturers sell guns to make as much money as they can make.” But a newly identified Pentagon document shows that Clinton herself aided ‘corporate greed’ of Remington. (A summary table of Clinton-approved 2012 gun and ammunition sales is included at the bottom of this blog page.)

The Pentagon document also shows Clinton that year approved over $100 million dollars ($116,160,367.19 by my count) in ammunition sales by Alliant Techsystems, the parent company of Savage Arms, which makes the MK II-F bolt action rifle Lanza used to kill his mother. I have not seen reporting on who manufactured the AR-15 ammunition used by Lanza. Alliant’s subsidiary Federal Cartidge sells ammunition for AR-15 rifles in boxes of 100; Lanza took 300 rounds of Ar-15 ammunition to the school.

Would you consider Hillary Clinton to be a stronger feminist advocate than Bernie Sanders?

bell hooks commented on this (video added in first comment) and said,
"Identity politics vs. Who are you and what do you stand for? That's why Baldwin says, 'It's not a question if your gay or straight or black or white, what do you stand for? who are you?'"

Comment in previous post from DU member:

That point when she says how we always wanted a woman president... that hit me poignantly. I hadn't thought about it that way, but I always dreamed of a woman being president who had *feminist sensibilities*... in my view, Hillary doesn't have that... Her militarism, her pay to play... etc... Makes me choked up to think that this is the closest we're getting to the dream...

My dreams for a woman president were always of a woman who does it differently, that that is the gift a woman president would bring.

This? This is about scoring a big point in the checkmark column. That's all!

Bernie was true to his word and released his Tax Returns for 2014.

He will release the rest soon. All of you calling out why he hasn't released them yet?!? He just did and he will release them all soon. Meanwhile, Clinton will wait until they are all released and the clock below will continue to increase.

Bolivia's President Suggested the Pope Try Coca

Bolivia's president Evo Morales went to the Vatican on Friday and told Pope Francis that he should follow his example and consume coca leaf for his health.

"I'm taking it and it does me good," he told the pontiff during a brief encounter prior to the Vatican City meeting on economic and social issues, a sort of Vatican think tank. "I recommend you do it so that you're strong for the rest of your life."

Morales then gave him three books in Spanish on the benefits of the coca leaf, which is the base ingredient for processed cocaine. The books focus on diet, and biodiversity. One is called Coca Against Obesity.

Morales also gave the pope a letter signed by two of Bolivia's workers unions, in which they argue against statements against coca cultivation made by local catholic leaders.

When Pope Francis visited Bolivia last year, he told reporters he wanted to chew coca in order to cope with the thin air in the capital, La Paz, that lies 12,000ft above sea level. After his visit, however, he said he had not actually tried it.


Bolivian President Evo Morales gave the Pope a cross mounted on the symbol for communism.

Pope Francis has rebuked his host Evo Morales, the Bolivian president, after the left-wing South American leader presented him with a crucifix mounted on a hammer and sickle – the international symbol of the avowedly atheist creed of communism.

But Bolivian officials explained that the gift was a replica of a crucifix made by Father Luis Espinal, a human-rights activist who was killed by a paramilitary death squad in 1980. The Pope had earlier prayed at the site of the murder of his fellow Jesuit en route to the presidential palace.

Political Cartoon: The Pope "I'm going with the Jewish guy"

There are five reasons Bernie's Brooklyn debate performance was better.

5 Reasons Why Bernie Won the New York Debate

1. Pointing Out Hillary’s Flip Flopping On $15/hour minimum wage:
Sanders most significant victory was pointing out Clinton’s $12/hr to $15/hr minimum wage flip-flop. Since the start of the race, Senator Sanders has been fighting for a $15/hour national minimum wage, while Clinton had argued for $12/hour minimum wage.

2. Standing Up To Clinton’s Attacks On Gun Record:
Politifact checked Clinton’s assertion of “Sanders supporting NRA” and rated it “Mostly False”.

3. Exposing The Term “Super-Predators” As “A Racist Term”:
Sanders, for the first time in any Democratic debate, boldly called out Hillary Clinton’s 1994 remarks as “racist”. The comment got yuuuge cheers and applause from the crowd.

4. Cornering Clinton Refusal To Release Goldman Sachs Transcripts:
DANA BASH: “Secretary Clinton, we’re going to get to the tax returns later, but just to put a button on this, you’re running now for the Democratic nomination–”
CLINTON: “Right.”
DANA BASH: “And it is your Democratic opponent and many Democratic voters who want to see those transcripts. It’s not about the Republicans at this point.”

5. Exposing Clinton’s Weak Position On Climate Change:
SANDERS: “I don’t believe Secretary Clinton supports a tax on carbon”
Sanders also made Clinton play defense on the highly controversial natural gas extraction method known as fracking, calling out her repeated support of the environmentally disastrous process during her time as Secretary of State.

One of the best signs of Bernie’s victory was the overwhelming response of the crowd during the debate. What started off as a warm welcome for Clinton during the opening statements ended as a resounding win for Sanders if one were to judge by the audience response. After boos for Clinton’s side-stepping throughout the night, Bernie Sanders’ closing statement had the crowd cheering loudly for more than 20 seconds, chanting his name...

"With your help, we're going to take back our democracy and demand that the government work for us all." - Senator Bernie Sanders

I had to delete my OP about iframe because you couldn't see it and it was...

.....blocking all my recent posts on my "My Posts" page.

When will iframe be enabled on this site? Using it with < and > really messed it up.

Edit: I deleted it from here, but it is still blocking all my recent posts, there's no button to remove it from my journal.
Edit2: Posts working ok now, still can't shake the iframe post.

Countdown to Bernie's promise to release Tax Returns by Tomorrrow....

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