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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

Journal Archives

Where has Sarah Palin disappeared to?

Anyone know where she is?

I'm happy Trump exceeded expectations

This way any talk of him leaving the ticket will die down.

What would happen if a President Trump tried to grab Angela Merkel or Theresa May "by the p***y".

If republicans abandon Trump, democrats need to double down on GOTV

If Republicans abandon Trump, his "deplorables" will abandon down ticket races and some republicans and republican leading independents might sit this out. This will make a lot more down ticket races competitive. If we double down on GOTV we will make unexpected gains on Nov 8th.

Pro life choice--cross party appeal?

Will Hillary pick up more republican votes with Kaine?

Mike Pence seems to be Trump's choice for VP

Indiana's anti-gay governor! I honestly am at a loss for words

Trump's Secretary of State: Dennis Rodman

He's been to North Korea many times and Trump wants to negotiate with North Korea.

BREXIT takeaway: Do not underestimate angry white people

Democrats need to work hard on GOTV every day from now until Election Day. The U.K. just let angry, xenophobic, nationalists throw it into unprecedented chaos. The US cannot afford the same
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