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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

Journal Archives

Chris Christie to be named special prosecutor

Trump to fire mueller

The Cabinet meeting that took place in Pyongyang

I mean DC today. How are the rethugs justifying this absurd behavior?

Paul Ryan next week: the Attorney General is new to this

he wasn't aware that it's against the law to lie under oath

Is McCain about to stroke out?

He is not making any sense. It seems dementia and Alzheimer's have hit him all at once

Anyone know how Comey's testimony is being received by the right wing media and sites?wing

Are they largely quiet and concentrating on the more important latest celebrity gossip or they actively trying to do an hatchet job on Comey

How effective can an outsider be as FBI director

Wray is not connected to the FBI, I wonder if he will face hurdles in his leading them because of that. I am sure the intelligence community do not take kindly to someone like Trump or a Trump appointee

Who will be the first Senator tomorrow to accuse Comey of being a liar

and a fraud

What did you expect from the testimony today?

It's almost like people on this board expected the Intel Chiefs to come out and say "Trump Obstructed Justice and he should be jailed". That is not how politics works---this is pure theatre for the consumption of the Trump-supporting masses. Don't expect Comey to drop any bombs tomorrow either

When will the WH announce that the oval has been converted into a padded room for 45 to recuperate i

I was thinking post-Comey testimony but at this rate it could be well before

I resign as President of the United States....

When will my ears get to hear (or my eyes get to read) those SWEET words?
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