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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 1,958

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What is the op-ed author doing right now, cowering in fear?

Orange Idiot is prowling the WH carrying a single rose to award some lucky contestant, before he grabs that person and defiles them with a drooling kiss of death smack on the lips. I hope all their vaccinations are up to date.

I'd like to think they're smart enough to just whistle along at their job and not panic. Be the hero Drumpf likes -- don't get captured.

I just bought Nike shoes for a total stranger.

Someone on an email list I follow started an Amazon wish list for two local teenage boys in need of school clothes. I was so happy to see all the Nike items on the list! I hope they get lots.

I'm in Alberta, in the smoke.

And feeling ignorant. Yesterday I was at home on the East Coast reading about the California fires, not knowing about the wildfires in BC that are sending smoke over the western part of Canada. We landed in Edmonton and wondered at the smog and haze. Now in Camrose, the day looks like dusk, and the air is acrid with smoke. If it's this bad so far away, I can only imagine how bad it is closer to the fires. A terrible emergency.

Does anyone watch telenovelas?

I started with the original El Clon (which I've watched in its entirety twice), then its remake. I've binge-watched many on Netflix, like Lo Que la Vida me Robo, Teresa, Velvet, etc. I try to avoid the drugs-and-crime ones but they dominate the genre.

I don't watch because they're great literature brought to the screen, I watch for the wide variety of conversational Spanish. I just finished watching Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas (based on a real person) and I was very glad for sub-titles because the slang and dialects were hard to follow.

Great post my granddaughter quoted on FB.

Go ahead and whip your titty out to feed your baby. Where I'm from, they pull titties out for beads.

(Yes, I'm from Louisiana)

I just saw the fake Indian vs real Indian bus.

I went to a dr appt in the building behind the bus in the photo, on Concord Ave. here in Cambridge. I'd seen that bus before, parked there, when it had a different message on it (can't remember what). We do get some loonies running for office...like the one who stole the Presidency...


I AM The Avenger! (No spoilers)

During the movie, I threw a wadded-up piece of napkin 20 feet below me, in the dark, and hit a distractingly bright cell phone. The guy looked around and turned off his phone. I guess I felt emboldened by all the action on the screen. It was a lucky shot for an old woman.

OMG! Her emails!

I just checked and thats the subject of Foxs top online story. Yep, we really need to protect the country from those emails. Somebody could get a hangnail.

So. You prayed, and she died anyway.

Today my extended Southern Baptist family mourns the death of a 76-year-old cousin I may have met once but dont remember. For a month, the prayer chains have rattled across my Facebook feed faster than I could delete and hide. God can work a miracle! God heeds prayer! Im praying! Were all praying! Prayers going up! Prayers! Prayers!

And, she died. Because God wanted to bring her home. God saw that shed suffered enough. She is reunited with her loved ones. She is happy at the right hand of the Lord.

But if she had recovered, it would have been proof that prayer works.

How did so many people become such idiots?

A year later, still so powerful. I Cant Keep Quiet.

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