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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
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A scam I almost fell for.

I got a text Security Alert saying a hold had been put on my bank account, naming the correct bank. It gave an 877 number to call for assistance. I almost did, because I assumed it was related to the "gift letter" we signed last week, pledging money to help our granddaughter with the down payment on a house she is trying to buy.

I logged onto my bank account and there was no hold. I googled the number that the text actually came from, and there are many scam reports on it.

It seems like too much of a coincidence. Maybe there are shady people at mortgage companies who sell info to crooks. I'll bet a lot of people fall for it.

I am being reminded to RSVP to the faux President's rally

in Manchester, NH on August 15 at 7pm. Apparently he "can't wait to see me there."

He can hold his pee till I get there. Should make a nice big orange explosion.

(How do these people have my cell number to text me?!)

The magic of package delivery.

After I missed a signature-required delivery twice, I went online and changed delivery to a hold-for-pickup at a UPS store in Somerville, MA one mile from my house in Cambridge.

It was a thin envelope that held concert tickets.

It went to the Watertown, MA distribution center three miles away. It then went to Manchester, NH, then went to Louisville, KY, then went to Windsor Locks, CT, then went to the Somerville store one mile from me.

These transfers were done with as few as two hours between them.

There has to be a magic wand involved.
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