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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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I hope Hillary does her thing with the men in blue and BLM to show how much she has a balanced

purposeful intention to heal wounds, protect black lives from police brutality and protect blue lives from the rampant gun violence that is endangering their live. People have to see her in action as she has been for so many other important issues. She really does mean what she says and I am hoping that she will prove it.

Gun safety and gun reform is really one of the most important things that can be done to protect the men and women in blue. Also, I hope she carries the message that men and women who protect the thin blue line protecting renegade, criminal police and attorneys who violate equal protection rights are not helping themselves or their fellow policemen. It was said last night but it needs to be expanded upon.

Question: Who placed Bernie's name into nomination from the floor? nt


I hope this is not lost on voters, especially the young voters and younger.

Hillary said you should not have to have a four-year college degree to get a good paying job. Her proposals call for training for 21st century jobs,(robotics, coding, green technologies).

That is very important for so many who are left out of good jobs because of phony educational requirements.

Elizabeth Warren is now the "baiter-in-chief."

Has there been an orange tweet yet? nt

Can hardly bear it. Tears, cheers, hopes, dreams, just awesome!! nt

Maybe Trump will simply throw in the towel after tonight?


I really am nervous for Chelsea and Hillary. TMD (talk me down)

somebody help me out with the 30,000 3-mail thing.

What 30,000 e-mails are they talking about? And why are they all convoluted with the DNC hacking?

And why does no pundit point out the e-mails deleted by Cheney and Bush folks, or the fact that some Dem Congressmen have private e-mail systems that you know damn well contain some sensitive information?

And why is no one talking about how Wilkileaks is not keeping democracy transparent but actually doing much more harm to our nation and our national security as they seemingly devolved into an arm of the GOP smear machine. I have always been a fan of Wikileaks but I don't like what seems to be happening now. It seems as though they are protecting the GOP and trying usher in Trump.

What am I missing?
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