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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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So far, Kaine is three for three on C-SPAN call in. Dem, GOP, Independent. nt

Isn't Sowden still in Russia? Doesn't Putin have a long-standing relationship Trump and his

campaign manager? What's to not understand. Putin and Trump are buddies and neither can stand the fact that Obama is President, more likeable than either and smarter.

OK, time to put out some really positive discussion about Kaine.

The meme that gets repeated is the one that gets remembered and results. Think about how the lying GOP puts out lies, half-truths and keeps repeating it and has the pundits and media repeat the same bs over and over again until all their base and half of ours fall into the trap of believing it.

Let's not trash our ticket. All I want Hillary to do is to get all of her folks who were being considered for VP to hit the trail and campaign hard for us. They are ALL fantastic public servants in their own way.


Hillary won with a smart strategy of intimate rallies where people get to talk and ask her direct questions. She will be doing that a lot because she is good at it. Her surrogates are VERY good at this too. The GOP can't do this because a lie told close up doesn't work so well.


Fact check ads need to go out TODAY and play on ALL media outlets...social media, radio, TV

and needs to be played in the rust belt especially. Trump lies and lies and it seems as though nothing is ever done about it. A side by side would be devastating. PLUS the big one is that WE HAVE NO TRADE AGREEMENTS WITH CHINA and Trump makes his base believe that we have BAD trade agreements with China.

I have posted Lawrence O'Donnell's video on trade agreements all over FB with question WHO REALLY IS LYING TO AMERICA???

If Trump is going to be the "law and order" President, will he support gun reform and

banning assault weapons?

Thank god for Lawrence O'Donnel on MSNBC, Fact check is awesome!! nt

Trump can't say "crooked Hillary" is a widely viewed TV appearance...unless many think

"crooked Malania."

Trump promised the "truth" yet the fact checkers will prove that he spoke several lies tonight.

And they still won't care.

One Trump talks about law and order, does he include the many suits against him?

Does it include his tax cheating. Facing old charges of rape? Or is he just talking about those "others" in the cities? Does it include Wall Street cheats, bankers, is scamming his own employees?

They are coming almost to blows on CNN.

Everyone except two are hearing from folks who think the speech was terrible, dark, divisive. Bernie folks reporting in are saying they are definitely now with Hillary. GOP pols reporting in say they were embarrassed by the speech.

Get the video if you can.
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