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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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Super delegates have worked for the Dems in the past. Why all of a sudden the move to get rid

of them? I don't believe Bernie will be running for another election and what comes out of crowd could be another Trump-like figure on the left. They are a safety valve and if needed to protect the party i believe they would do the right thing taking into consideration ALL factors.

I think they need to be Democrats through at least two previous primaries if eligible to vote and had voted AND they should have been citizens of the US for at least 20 years.

Am I the only one who thinks Wes Clark might be Hillary's VP?

What are the pros and cons?

All cable shows open with free PR and free ads for Trump this morning.

Will they even cover Hillary's speech on the economy today? After her speech I bet the coverage will be all about the "missing" Donald Trump.

Is there a list of how the votes on gun reform went down? Who voted against/for?

I would like to know so I can get my relative all over this country to begin to work to get the NRA-owned Senators and Congressman out of office. I don't care if they are men or women, D or R. We need them out!

What time does this all end?

I have been seeing goodbye's and other comments about no more debates. What does it all mean and when is the cut-off?

If there ever was a time to cancel the Olympics, this would be it. Too much misery in the world

on top of all the negative health and economic reasons. Right now, it is something we can do without.

I notice that EW didn't mention BS as fighting back in her stump. Hillary may be using EW since BS

refuses to actively support her. She may be playing a roll Bernie is not filling and I don't think it means she will be VP.

So, aren't there more voters than ever in our elections? So why wouldn't Trump have more votes than

any other Republican running for the Presidency? Aren't there more eligible and registered voters? Isn't that true for both the Dems and the GOP?

It appears that the "white working class" Trump supporters are more concerned about holding

on to their racism and xenophobia and guns then they are about jobs and the economy. Trump is now pumping his crowds with the "Hillary will take away your guns and eliminate the 2nd Amendment" meme. These crowds seem seriously like those shown in pre-WWII videos. All Trump needs to do is grow a mustache. It is really, really scary.

I am old enough to remember when buying or selling marijuana paraphernalia was a crime and one could

be arrested for it. Why is it so difficult to apply similar laws to buying and selling weapons paraphernalia like body armor, magazines, armor piercing bullets etc.? The 2nd Amendment doesn't cover ammunition.
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