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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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Anyone watch the Libertarian debate? What say you? Should we fear them?

Couldn't watch.

That segment on Rachel with the disaffected ISIS wannabe is really scary. It needs to be shown

all over. Easy access to guns is what ISIS sympathizers rely on in the US. They believe we are stupid. News out of TN confirms their belief.

Jill Stein doesn't know if she should hurt Hillary or help her. Including deportation in her ad

actually gives Hillary a boost with some Trump supporters and anti-immigrant folks.

I think we just witnessed another trap for Trump and seemingly he has taken the bait.

The Iran payment. He is running with it. I look for it to come up in the debates. Today's announcement...optics aside...just convinces me more that Obama is the smartest President to come along in my lifetime.

It was supposed to be "coincidence" that hostages were released the same day that we released 400 million of their own money to Iran. Yeah...

But what a move by Obama either way. It's a pretty good damn deal when you can pay hostage-holders with their own money and get your hostages released. Plus save billions of our own money.

Please don't let the cable media off the hook.

We really need to hit CNN and especially MSNBC's Morning Joe for giving Trump the free press and
forum. Every friggin' morning it was all about Trump, calling in and the pundit crew fawning all over him.
They are the reason for the crazy season. FOX we can just ignore because we know where they were coming from all along.

I say we start a Twitter bomb and e-mail bomb to CNN and MSNBC reminding them that we don't appreciate what they did. By headlining Trump so much they have emboldened the most hateful characters among us and endangered our nation. Seriously.

Pay attention people. Trump is only ONE crazy man. Now you know how many others are out there of

his ilk. Not just "crazy" in the sense of "insane" but crazy as in craven. Evil, hateful, cowardly, fearful, arrogant, racist, vengeful.

These are the folks I hope we are able to drive back into their caves with a huge win up and down the ticket. Among them are the truly misled and uninformed who are to be pitied but the vast majority of them are Trump-like.

We need to get to work folks...no let up. Hillary can be forgiven anything short of murder so Wikileaks can bring whatever they want to. It's all about defeating Trump. Should he decline to run we still need to fight just as hard to elect Hillary because the GOP is driven by these craven cowards.

Take advice from Warren Buffet and take 10 Democratic voters to the polls with you or help them get


Things Trump doesn't like or hates. Fell free to add to the list.

Disabled journalists.
Captured US military POWs
Crying babies
President Obama
The military, especially ours
President Obama
KIA military

Most CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS talk show hosts and faux journalists can't stand the fact that Hillary is

leading Trump. They secretly thought Trump would pull this thing off. Andrea is having sleepless nights.

So now all they have is: "It creates a talking point." Hillary spokesperson doing great job about

Comey walking back his comments about the classification of e-mails. The really need to put his backtrack in a direct ad...crisp and to the point using his own words.
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