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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 10:07 AM
Number of posts: 16,471

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Liberal. Liberal. Liberal.

Journal Archives

Cotton on Fux talking Biden "living in three months ago"


Know your WI insurrectionists.

David Charles Mish, Jr. West Allis

Kevin Loftus. Eau Claire

Anyone know others from WI charged?

Anyone for some relaxing fishing?

Two Florida anglers have landed a Warsaw grouper so enormous that it required the strength of an entire crew to hoist the fish over the rail.

ďIt was a monster! One of the largest ever caught,Ē Joshua Jorgensen, owner of BlacktipH Fishing, exclaimed in a news release issued Wednesday. ďThe fish floated to the surface and we all started screaming. We didnít realize how difficult it would be to bring this fish in the boat.

ďIt took four grown men to lift this fish over the gunnels.Ē


PS I didnít catch this fish. I donít know them. It is just a marvel of nature that I thought people would like to see.
I donít know what permits they may or may not had to catch this fish....

Since the snow started, all my husband does is stare through the window...

If it keeps snowing, Iíll have to let him in.

What is the Lincoln Project "scandal" FuxYouz is reporting?

Wow the first two response are quite different.

Think of the historic painting this impeachment will be...

Out front are Patriotic women from all over standing up to a tyrant and his minions: while in the back old white republican men, fooling, playing videos games, etc.

While out the window Rome Burns.

Okay all you sweet-💓💗❣️s......

I have given my last ❤️..
However if somehow somewhere one of our wonderful DUers missed giving you a heart, let me know.

If I canít find a heart donor for you, or I will buy another and get it to you.

I also want to thank so many of you that gave me one or all of my ❤️s.

Sometimes I get so frustrated with the ďeverythingĒ that I really need an anonymous heart.

Peace on earth. Good will to all. 🌎

When is the last day to give hearts?

Getting hard to find anyone with no hearts.
Donít want to waste the ones I still have.

What is it with History Channel2's preoccupation with Hitler shows.

We live in Costa Rica and get our tv from Mexico, so Iím not sure if they run these shows in the US.

But everyday they run some Hitler shit. What is with that?

All Hail Wisconsin. Beer Snow!!!


LAKE GENEVA (WKOW) -- YouTube creators Sparky and Skeeter took on what could be the most Wisconsin-like challenge of all time -- making snow out of beer.

The two cooked up a pot of brats with some Leinenkugel's beer, then poured the leftover boiling beer into an air cannon.

They launched the beer into the subzero skies, and voila! Beer snow was born.
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