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True Dough

True Dough's Journal
True Dough's Journal
May 1, 2021


May 1, 2021

It's just sweet bread dough

That's all it is. So, please, get your mind out of the gutter!

April 30, 2021

What will be the fate of Aaron Rodgers?

He's made it abundantly clear over the past 24 hours that he's done with the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have stated that they are not willing to trade Rodgers.

Does he wind up as the new permanent host of Jeopardy or what???



April 29, 2021

2021 NFL draft (predictions, updates, etc.)

The much ballyhooed draft kicks off tomorrow night. Are you excited?

Draft Order - Round 1
1) Jacksonville Jaguars
2) New York Jets
3) San Francisco 49ers (from Miami via Houston)
4) Atlanta Falcons
5) Cincinnati Bengals
6) Miami Dolphins (from Philadelphia)
7) Detroit Lions
8) Carolina Panthers
9) Denver Broncos
10) Dallas Cowboys
11) New York Giants
12) Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami via San Francisco)
13) Los Angeles Chargers
14) Minnesota Vikings
15) New England Patriots
16) Arizona Cardinals
17) Las Vegas Raiders
18) Miami Dolphins
19) Washington Football Team
20) Chicago Bears
21) Indianapolis Colts
22) Tennessee Titans
23) New York Jets (from Seattle)
24) Pittsburgh Steelers
25) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Rams)
26) Cleveland Browns
27) Baltimore Ravens
28) New Orleans Saints
29) Green Bay Packers
30) Buffalo Bills
31) Baltimore Ravens (from Kansas City)
32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

April 28, 2021

All Lives Matter

April 23, 2021

This is how wacky the right are when it comes to higher capital gains taxes

Posted in the general section of a sports discussion forum that I visit:

"The majority of poor people pay a pittance, if any taxes. Fuck them. I’m tired of subsidizing them."

April 22, 2021

Republican priorities

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