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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 16,109

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Life or death question...

with a clear answer:

Joe "Freakin" Burrow!!

Heisman winner.

College champion with LSU.

Now he has an opportunity to win a Super Bowl (and maybe even be the Super Bowl MVP?)

No QB has accomplished all of these things in pro football history. Joe Burrow has a chance to do it all within a three-year span.

And he's coming off of ACL surgery from last year!


*This post is in no way an attempt to draw attention to my Joe Burrow fandom. I admire and respect the guy, but I've not always sung his praises. Not an "I told you so" situation because I highly doubted the Bengals would advance beyond the AFC Championship against the Chiefs (but I did pick them to beat the Raiders and Titans, at least).

Spotify's future...

This fish is friendly to people, friendly to cameras...


Kelly appears to be a trouble-maker

Hopefully she grows out of it.


The best of these sugary cereals?

What's your #1?

Would you pet it?

Chicago lights fires to keep trains moving

Fascinating. In a Windy City with a not-so-pleasant history with fires, I guess this is a necessity. Anyway, I won't rail on...


The Bidens get a cat!!!

Welcome, Willow!


"Big Papi" David Ortiz gets baseball Hall of Fame nod; Bonds and Clemens kept out

Does this make much sense to anyone?

With the process still tainted by the steroid era, David Ortiz was the lone player to gain induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year, while players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were shut out.

"Big Papi" was the only player to clear the 75 percent threshold for induction, according to results of this year's voting by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Ortiz was named on 307 ballots (77.9 percent) in his first year of eligibility.

"I am truly honored and blessed by my selection to the Hall of Fame -- the highest honor that any baseball player can reach in their lifetime," Ortiz said in a statement released by the Boston Red Sox. "I am grateful to the baseball writers who considered my career in its totality, not just on the statistics."

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