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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,995

Journal Archives

Why Did These Republicans Vote Against Helping Sex Trafficking Victims?

Multiple bills regarding protecting the victims of sex trafficking went through the House during the 87th Legislature. Some are sitting on Abbott’s desk waiting to be signed. Even though these bills passed, dozens of Republicans voted against them.


Injustice In Polk County: The Murder OF Bob White

Before we began to #SayTheirNames, thousands of Black and brown bodies in America, whose names we forgot or never knew, Bob White was one of those names that we should remember.


The Lost Cause 2.0 Coming Soon To A Texas School Near You

The bills passed by Texas Republicans in the 87th Legislature are a horrendous attempt to reestablish white supremacy and revisionist history in Texas schools.


TX06 Democrats, Drink The Poison Or Else Trump Wins

While it may be a hard pill for TX06 Democrats to swallow, you HAVE TO vote in the runoff between Jake Ellzey and Susan Wright.


Representative Steve Toth Pushes Bill To Push White Supremacy In Texas Schools

You HAVE to see this exchange between Steve Toth and James Talarico, get ready to drop your jaw. HB3979 is a bill to reimplement white supremacy in Texas schools, Amendment 2 is to ban teachers from discussing the 1619 project.

In this OVERTLY racist exchange, Toth refuses to admit that white supremacy played a role in the founding of this nation. Guess what? The amendment passed, with every Republican voting for it.

Wrap your brain around this, it was called out for being the racist garbage that it is, and every Republican STILL voted for it.


Texas Republicans Are Bragging About Running Our State Into The Ground

After Texas House Republicans passed Senate Bill 7 Friday -- a racist, anti-voter bill whose original text contained a literal Jim Crow era slogan -- the Texas GOP Celebrates ‘Most Conservative Texas Legislature’


The Darkest 48-Hours In Texas House History

Conservatives have dubbed the end of last week as "the most conservative 48-hours in Texas House history," the rest of us know what we saw was a metaphoric cross-burning.


The GOP is calling it the most conservative 48-hours in txlege history. No, there wasn't a lynching

I am so angry right now. Jim Crow voter suppression bills passed the house. A pro-police, anti-Black bill passed the House. A statewide criminalization on homelessness passed the House. An abortion ban passed the House.

I hate Texas Republicans. Why would they think any of this is ok?

State Rep Valoree Swanson Allegedly Committed Election Fraud

A new series of leaked text messages have bubbled to the surface, implicating Valoree Swanson in Election Fraud.


GOP To Strengthen White Supremacy Out Of Fear of Critical Race Theory

While most Republicans can't define what "Critical Race Theory" is, they've started a crusade against it, in turn offering up bills to strengthen white supremacy and systematic racism.

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