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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,479

Journal Archives

Briscoe Cain And Other Republicans Just Passed Jim Crow Bill, HB6

HB 6 is a racist voter suppression bill that will put up barriers between Texans and their right to vote.


Dan Patrick's Angry And Unhinged Press Conference Was Full Of Lies

Fact-checking Dan Patrick’s hateful and twisted rhetoric regarding SB7.


If It Looks Like Southlake Racists And Klux Like Southlake Racists

If it looks like Southlake racists, and Klux like Southlake racists... It just might be white privilege, white fragility, and white denialism.


Does The Special Olympics Financially Exploit Their Athletes?

What are athletes supposed to do when they work for free and aren’t allowed to have sponsors?


Briscoe Cain's Voter Suppression Bill Is Reminiscent Of Jim Crow

HB6 is the most restrictive voting bill in Texas since the Civil Rights Era.


Corruption In Centerville: A Murder Mystery

From mysterious deaths to multi-million dollar oil wells, a lot is going on in Leon County, Texas. One family seeking justice has been blocked at every turn, leaving us all to wonder…Who is safe?


F*ck You, Representative James White

A grieving mother should be able to tell her son's story.


I see a couple of legislators blocking me on Twitter in the near future for this one.

Briscoe Cain Is A Bully Who Is Trying To Disenfranchise Millions Of Voters

From bullying members in committee to blocking questions from a Black lawmaker and preventing public comment on a voter suppression bill, Briscoe Cain has gone mad with power and uses his position to push extreme disenfranchisement legislation.


Briscoe Cain silenced the only Black lawmaker on the dais for the voter suppression bill (Video)

Briscoe Cain immediately silenced the only Black lawmaker on the dais for the voter suppression bill #HB6 when she was about to start her questions.

State Representative Nicole Collier isn't on the committee but it's common practice for other lawmakers to be able to participate. There are no Black members on the committee. #txlege

Living Blue In Texas Endorses Shawn Lassiter For Congressional District 6

Shawn Lassiter checks every single box in ideology, background, and position on key issues. This is why Living Blue in Texas is endorsing her for Congressional District 6.

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