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Profile Information

Name: Jason Kelly
Gender: Male
Hometown: Marietta Georgia
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Mon Aug 29, 2016, 11:04 AM
Number of posts: 413

Journal Archives

Can Obama stop all of this

Could Obama come out and force the FBI to announce what "evidence" they have instead of leaving everyone twisting in the wind a week before election day?

Could Obama force them to reveal what they know about Trump?

We have to support Hillary

No matter what else comes out we have to stand behind Hillary.

They've plotted something nasty but we're going to overcome yet another obstacle and make fools out of them.

When the smoke clears and she's elected despite their best efforts we will enjoy watching them squirm.

Bundy set free by jury

Sorry for the Fox News link but I'm on my mobile and got this in a text message.

How did this happen? These terrible people will be allowed to walk amongst us armed with assault weapons after a failed armed insurrection.

I hope Hillary can find a way to get them back behind bars, where they belong.


Today I voted for Trump

's opponent Hillary Clinton

Can Trump's Victims Press Charges?

I really think they should, it's absurd that he should get away with all this.

I can't wait until he goes to prison and I hope he's tossed into General Population.

The Moderators

I can't get why we seem to get the worst moderators available.

If they can't control Trump then they shouldn't be allowed in there in the first place!

Can't wait for the polls next week!

Hillary up by 10!

Well maybe not 10 but she'll definitely be up!

We really need to pour it on!

Wish Al Gore was 10 years younger

He'd be perfect for our VP slot.

America is far more climate conscious today than we were in 2000 so I think his work would be very well received.

He'd have matched up perfectly with Pence and mopped the floor with him!

VP Debate

If we're going to have an "off night" the VP debate is the one to have it on.

Quick, who was Bob Dole's Running Mate and how did he do in the debate?

Wish Kaine would have taken a class from Hillary as she'd be shreading Pence.
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