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radius777's Journal
radius777's Journal
January 31, 2020

Exactly. Right wingers reject civil rights and the idea

of non-whites having citizenship, voting, etc. To them PoC will always be external to America, not 'true citizens' like the white man. Obama being elected president was the ultimate insult to their ego.

They know Trump stole the election and was plotting to steal the next, but they don't care, see it as 'reclaiming the real (white) democracy of our founders.' ... basically white nationalism that has long been at the core of the GOP even before Trump.

January 5, 2020

Disease of both-siderism

and the myth that democracy and justice are the same thing. History shows us that injustice (slavery, Jim Crow, oppression of women/gays/etc) often received popular support.

Just because about half the country voted for Trump doesn't mean he's legitimate or virtuous, especially considering the findings of the Mueller Report and the impeachment hearings.

The media's job should be to tell the truth and highlight injustice - not pretend that both sides are morally equal.

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