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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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Exactly, the alt-left is an illiberal left.

The alt-left is culturally libertarian and fiscally hard left, and rejects 'identity politics' which they see as alienating whites. This is abundantly clear on social media where they make their feelings fully known. It's not just about Russian bots, because many actual real life Sanders supporters and media outlets (Intercept,TYT,Chapo Trap House) parrot the same narratives. Many of them were against the Mueller investigation and the impeachment, and are sympathetic to Trumpism, dislike Democrats, etc. Basically the alt-left and alt-right are two sides of the same Putin backed coin.

If Sanders really cared about expanding his movement he would've dropped out and endorsed Biden, to build good will, get people united.

But this latest stunt furthered by his supporters (and Sanders has not come out to denounce it) is why regular Dem voters will never like the Bernie Bros/alt-left because of their toxic tactics - which are indeed unique to them - despite their excuses.

Millions can die AND a worse depression

if we fail to follow the advice of medical experts to flatten the curve.

If we do as the RW/Trump wants, people would be dying in the streets, many more sick, and the depression would be longer and deeper.

Covid 19 is not the flu. The flu has a 0.1 mortality rate and we have vaccines for it. Covid19 has a 3% mortality rate and we lack a vaccine or any prior immunity to it (is a new virus) thus it could kill millions.

Pelosi and Schumer could do daily briefings

maybe along with Dem officials from various states.

Cuomo has really been the lone strong Dem voice in all of this; without him it seems like we're just Trump's little elves just coming up with a bill he wants, rather than letting the public know that this is a Dem/left/FDR type measure to save the economy.

Dems failure to counter his 'daily briefings'.

If all your typical American sees is Trump and the covid crew giving briefings every evening - they see him as 'doing something', and won't give credit to Dems for this rescue bill which is ideologically a Democratic/left leaning thing to do - but Trump will be viewed as the one 'helping people' due to Dems failure to put their faces on it.

The blue states/cities are the most diverse.

The goal of Trumpism is white nationalism.

The more 'dead darkies' the better, from his base's perspective.

IOW, Trump has no political incentive to help, as long as he thinks his rural white base is safe.

Flu has a 0.1% mortality rate,

while Covid19 has about a 3% mortality rate.

3% of 325million = 9.75 million people could die, many more very sick, especially since covid19 is more contagious than the flu.

Trump is no match for Cuomo,

who is tough, smart and empathetic - exactly what a president should be in a crisis.

The contrast of our big blue state governors (Cuomo, Newsome, Pritzker) and Trump is not good for Trump - who is a bumbling idiot compared to these fine executives.

Covid-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease was first identified in 2019 in Wuhan, Central China, and has since spread globally, resulting in the 201920 coronavirus pandemic.

It's a new (novel) coronavirus.

If you test positive for the virus you have Covid-19, whether or not you show symptoms.

IOW, there's no classification of degree, like with HIV, where one can test positive but not yet have 'full blown' AIDS.

Gov't has to take control of the situation.

In an emergency darwinian instincts take over, and people can't be expected to 'do the right thing' because most won't.

The gov't needs to take an active role in this: identify which items are in short supply, have the companies double/triple production of those items, enforce limits on how many items people can buy at one time, etc. The cops and/or national guard should be placed in and around stores and supermarkets to prevent price gouging, hoarding and theft (people are stealing items from the carts of older people, women, etc).

We hear very little about this issue on the news, only that 'everything is ok with supplies', yet the shelves are stripped bare of the essentials in most stores, even in large metro areas.

Agree, boycotting them would be a good step.

Hit the fuckers in the wallet, then see how proudly they wear that stupid red hat.

If they want to vote for someone who puts kids in cages they need to pay the price.

We can get our food/goods from non-Trumper businesses and farms in blue states, or from Canada and Mexico.

It's the blue states that have high populations and purchasing power, yet we have far less representation or control of the direction of the country. It's absurd that diverse 'mini-nations' like California, New York and even Texas (to be fair) have the same two senators as tiny shithole states. And the founders could never have envisioned what important national role senators (or the Supreme Court, which The Senate confirms) would have.
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