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Member since: Fri Sep 23, 2016, 03:01 PM
Number of posts: 257

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These street interviews with potential voters is really, really frightening!

Most people are completely not informed and they don't know they are not informed. SCARY!!!

Ok, so Hillary wrote off $13,000 for her taxes. BUT she and Bill did pay taxes.

This man is a scumbag.

The people saying they hate taxes and the IRS are the first ones to complain about government spending and the first one to call on the government for disaster relief, subsidies, increases in Social Security, Medicare and all other government services.

So how is Tim Kaine as a debater?

I like him a lot. He is respectful, honest, compassionate...all the things that make on a "loser" in the eyes of the voters.

Pence is screwed by ultra RW but nasty as a debtor

Uh oh, Larry just baited Trump to a morning of tweets.

Claims Trump taxes show that he is not as rich as he says he is.

I want to see an add run in all the "deplorable" areas that says:

"What if Hillary Clinton :

1. (list of all Trumps scams and misdeeds, and sexist. racist, taunts)




At the end of the list:

Wouldn't you want to LOCK HER UP!
Well, then LOCK HIM UP!!

Correct me if I am wrong but Trump seems to be "artfully" calling for race riots, especially if he


Chris Collins needs to be voted out of office and Dems should work hard to do whatever it takes

when he is running for re-election.

Notice how Putin came out with his scrapping of the nuke waste agreement on the eve of Wiki-

leaks revelations on Clinton. It really is obvious that Putin-Trump-Assange are in this together.

So Donald uses 'other peoples' money (the taxpayers') to write off his business losses.

So he essentially risks nothing in his business deals.

Imagine if Hillary and Bill did just 1/10 the stuff that Trump does? She would be in jail now.

Asking all those voters who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 who now say they are disappointed

in him: How many of you actually went out an voted in the mid-term and state and local elections to support the Democrats and the President?

That is when he needed us the most.
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