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Member since: Fri Sep 23, 2016, 03:01 PM
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So Trump is conflating his losses in 1995 to the economical loses suffered by people in 2000+

When will people be told to that Trump is talking about changing tax laws that do not even affect 90% of his base. He is talking about closing loop holes for hedge fund managers who will make up the loss in other ways.

I wonder if all those people who want to pay the least amount of taxes possible will want to accept the least amount of government benefits they now get. Do people not understand what taxes pay for and that people like Trump actually get more from the government than they give to it?

Democrats sure do a poor job of explaining things to the voters.

So Hillary used the same tax laws for her 2015 taxes. OK but we know what her taxes were.

The Clintons actually paid taxes. Warren Buffet was the one who told them they were overpaying their taxes, wasn't he?

Boris Epstein is a crooked Russian pawn who influences Trump 'bigly.'

Someone needs to put him in his place.

Question about President Obama taking all or even some of the blame for bad relationship

with Congress.

How can anyone blame the President when, before he was sworn in, the GOP was making secret packs among themselves to obstruct any and everything he wanted to do and to work toward making him a one-term President?

It seems to me the weight of the dysfunction of the legislative bodies and the President rests totally on the them. He always said he was willing to listening negotiate...and he did much to the chagrin of many on the left.

His could never be a "failed" Presidency. It has been since Mr. Obama came into office a failed Congress and a failed electorate for their part in not supporting the President by voting the bastards out!

OK, I am just going to say this here: It is not ONLY about his temperament.

IT'S ABOUT HIS BRAINS! He does not really have the intellect to be President either. Just listen to him talk. He has the language of a 3-year-old who is mimicking a carnival barker.

He really feigns 'understanding' and survives by bullying people and the bluster of a bully. He is 'bigly' dishonest and protected by legions of attorneys whom he pays with leveraged money because they have leeched him into bankruptcy.

People who believe that his their champion are insane and really do belong in that basket.

And this is the scary part: they are legion!

Just got word through my anonymous sources that all the people living in someone's basement

were really offended that the GOP and the rest of Trump supporters thought that living in someone's basement, especially their parents' "basement" was horrific and demeaning and a put down of their economic status. One person told my source that his parents had a custom designed basement that cost $120,000.00 to renovate (they called it their recreation level before).

Tens of thousands of basement dwellers are now organizing as a block vote against the GOP and Trump.

Help me out. Trump lost almost a billion dollars at a time when all the bubbles were in place?

My personal financial situation was never better during the 1990's. So the Trump people are saying that it was a bad time and everybody had problems? Please check me if I am wrong.

Wasn't during the era of the ENRONS and other scams by the wealthy?

To brag about stiffing the government by not paying taxes should not be a proud moment for Trump. Don't people understand that our taxes pay for our health, safety, military, research, space programs, education, farm subsidies, small business, and civil services? To paint taxes as bad is defeating stability of our government (think Greece here) and sends some people over the edge. Who do those living in the Red states thinks pays for disaster relief, FEMA etc.?

I think the 1% are going to be angry at Trump for bragging about not paying taxes because it is going to draw attention to exactly what Elizabeth Warren, Hillary, and Bernie have been saying. It is going to be much easier to get those loop holes closed after this provided we elect the right people to Congress.

Let's all get up at 3 am and tweet to Trump "I'm With Her!"

Any GOP candidate still supporting Trump must be linked hard to him by the Democrats

and they must be voted out of office.

I'll just leave this here:

We are witnessing the lights going out in that shiny city on a hill. It ended with the Reagan administration and Jimmy Carter was correct when he said that Reagan allowed people to feel comfortable with their prejudices. And it grew rapidly from "Welfare Queens" to "moochers" to law and order.

Here we are now, reliving the past and praying that we will be able to make a comfortable life for our children and grandchildren but knowing that it just going to be much more difficult after the fools allowed Donald Trump to be a candidate and then the GOP nominee. Win or lose, he as screwed us up for the next two generations.

If Trump goes after Bill Clinton over Monica he is digging his hole deeper.

It would be a terrible mistake in my opinion. He will only hurt Monica more and yield more sympathy for Hillary. There are tons of print material in which Monica's friend are quoted as is Monica herself in her book.

This is just one and Hillary had nothing to do with it:


“If that’s the worst thing she said, I should be so lucky,” Lewinsky wrote.
Lewinsky — who once boasted to a pal that she was bringing her “presidential kneepads” to the White House — wrote that her Oval Office affair with the Horndog in Chief was consensual.

Not many women I know would have taken any affair without lashing out against both her husband and the woman involved.
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