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Gender: Female
Hometown: Wa
Home country: U.S.A
Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 8,279

Journal Archives

Has anyone done the math on how many people are

going to lose their jobs because of the major loss of heath care?

I think something bigger than any of us

have been thinking is happening. I do not know what but it is much bigger than we know and it is not going to be good unless you are extremely very rich. I have an extremely horrible feeling that what we are seeing ( even what we are not seeing ) is of a very very bad thing at an astronomical level. I am not talking about nuclear war in fact this is probably more likely worse.

So, what do you all think about me doing this.

There are protesters outside of our planned Parenthood building. I myself do not use them but I am thinking of crossing that damn line just to go in and donate to Planned Parenthood. I am feeling in the mood to go against the protesters and hope they say something to me for going in because I have a lot to say to those uneducated ass wipes. Odd thing also is they blame Democrats for being lazy and not work, well I see the same ones everyday so why aren't they working?

Does any body remember "Logans Run?"

For those who remember maybe we should suggest that to the fucking repukes....they would like it.

This is a question for those who can explain how the next in line is determined.

If it was proven that Trump and 10 of the highest levels right under him had committed treason how would the government put another president in? Along with how who would it most likely be? It just seems that that many are corrupt when it comes to this Russia thing and I am curious.

Actually I am scared shitless.

They talk about healthy people, young people, old people, and people who have health problems. They do not talk about disabled people. Until now elderly and disabled were kind of put together but in other ways separate. I have a horrible feeling the reason they have not talk about the disabled is because we are in for the nastiest surprise.

They just said a short while ago if you did not take the insurance the

penalty would be having to pay more when you get it. Spacer just said you are not forced to get insurance...well, that sounds like a forcing you to get it to me. You can not afford it now and you sure as hell are not going to be able to afford it later.

So, everytime dictator gets upset

does that mean we have to pay for an extra trip to Mar-a-logo?

Does anybody ever wonder

if Obama care had been done the exact same way but by a white man some people would be more accepting of it? Just asking.

Travel ban reversed.

I have this odd thought. Does anyone think that at some point the dictator and thugs will make it very hard for Americans to get out of this country? Make up some rule(s) of some kind to make easy travel possible to only some.
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