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Member since: Sat Oct 15, 2016, 07:06 PM
Number of posts: 532

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Since the GOP Health Law creates such Momentous Changes, why not put it to a national referendum?

This law will affect about six percent of the U.S. economy, why not take the time to explore all of its ramifications, and - during the 2018 Congressional Election - put it on the ballot? All of us can decide whether to keep the Affordable Care Act or to change to the Republicans' "American Health Care Act?" Then, there will be no confusion about our chosen form of health care. Now, why do I believe that the Republicans have no interest in knowing what we think?

If Republicans are so sure that their Health Care plan will be better, why don't they just

leave the ACA (Obamacare) intact and allow those who like it to keep it, while letting those who want to move to the GOP's "American Health Care Act" - with its inferior voucher program and health savings plans (for those who can afford them) - to do so? That would allow for REAL competition, which the Republicans insist that they want. Then, let's see what happens. May the best plan win!

I had no idea that "winning" so much would feel like this!

Trump was right. I don't know about you, but I'm really tired of "winning!" In fact, I'm completely exhausted from winning.

Maybe he could take a break from all the winning and just start reading what he's signing, and vetting his nominees, and learning about the three branches of government, and stop calling our allies - it's just not right to break up over the phone!

The main thing he seems to have won is Vladimir Putin's heart.

On a related note, I can scarcely imagine the valentine greetings they will be sending each other next week. But I think this is a bromance that could last a while. Especially since our killer values are so similar. So say Trump and Pence. Russia and the United States are just alike. And I don't know how I missed that fact all these years.

Anyhow, could we please stop winning for a while? It's stressing me out.

The REJECT Movement

In earlier posts - inspired by a post by IamFortunesFool - I was trying to come up with an appropriate and straightforward name for our resistance movement. After some thought, I came up with the REJECT Movement - Focused on --


Once again, I would be very interested in receiving feedback and insights from other DU members. Thanks in advance for your responses. - Dave

I'd like to suggest "SURGE UPWARD" as a name for our Resistance Movement

And to recommend that you examine the excellent post by IamFortunesFool - which precedes this one - and thoughtfully examines this question in detail.

First Lady, Melania Trump is thinking of taking on Cyber Bullying -

Can anyone suggest where she might want to start? Although I think we should generally go easy on presidential families, including the First Lady, I just couldn't pass up the irony that Melania is considering Cyber Bullying as one of her major projects. It's certainly a worthy issue, and I hope she can have a positive impact, but I think the majority of Americans are going to find this ironic and humorous.

Could Trump and Bannon be deliberately trying to provoke predominantly Muslim countries?

What if the Trump-Bannon coalition is anxious to anger and frustrate Muslims both here in the United States and around the world so that they will commit acts of violence against us and our citizens abroad precisely so that Trump has a powerful excuse to use intense military force against. Muslims in our own nation, and in countries in the Middle East? Although I have no proof of such motives, I sincerely wonder if the current administration is counting on increased terrorist attacks to justify unprecedented military action - which might be supported by the majority of Americans, if we feel we are under serious attack by Muslims. This seems pernicious, but does not feel as if it is outside the motives of Trump and his cronies. What do you think?

Watching these Executive Orders is like watching a guy wearing khakis who got drunk, wet his pants,

and is staggering around making incoherent pronouncements that he will probably have to explain away later. It's really embarrassing to have this ignorant, unstable guy representing our nation. Organize. Resist. Pray.

I know the movie GLADIATOR is fiction, but

I also think that Trump has something to learn (is that even possible??) from the premise of the story. Reflecting on today's amazing marches, and the impressive numbers of participants, it should be clear to him that - when you lose the crowds - you also lose your power. He has no moral authority to lead, and he should pay close attention to the words of the gladiator, Maximus, to the emperor, Comodus:

"The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end, Highness!"

Although Comodus is eventually killed, that's definitely not my point. Maximus - although he appears to have no political power - has just challenged the most powerful person in the empire, and those who choose to resist Trump can find profound meaning in Maximus' words.
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