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Pantagruel's Journal
Pantagruel's Journal
October 23, 2023

"New Israel" , a not so modest proposal

Approx. 8 million Israeli Jews have been trying to build a nation surrounded by 400 million Arabs that essentially hate them. The experiment is over 75 years old and frankly doesn't seem to me to be a great bet. The combatants obviously need to be separated. I doubt the 400 million Arabs walk away which leaves the Jews to possibly reconsider?
Would it be so horrible for Israel to relocate their tiny "state" (8700 sq. miles) to a safer location. Consider the global benefits to peace and stability? Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran et al. would lose their raison d'etre. Israel could disarm, maybe ship their weapons to Ukraine. The land rich U.S., Australia or even Canada could host the New Israel and probably easily triple the acreage of the newborn state. In return, the highly creative and industrious Jews will provide a terrific tax base or trading partner depending on how you structure New Israel. To be rid of the Israelis, you might even get the rich Arab oil nations to subsidize the move. Israelis would be guaranteed easy access to their holy sites in perpetuity. A proposal like this might get the hostages released. The list of possible benefits goes on and on.

And yes, I know how improbable this is . And no, I don't hate Jews or favor Palestinians, just looking to logically end this horrible insanity. I'm sure I'm missing something and just as sure I'll be flamed mercilessly. Have at it!

October 19, 2023

Somehow surgically remove

religion from every person on earth and most blind hatred and intolerance goes with it.
History is littered with the dead from religious conflicts.

October 4, 2023

"Sharp as a tack"

Biden responding to questions at his news conference.

September 22, 2023

Fixing the migrant bussing problem?

Can Biden somehow decree the migrants victims and fast track their work papers and citizenship and hearing status? Doubt GOP racist Govs want to do them any favors.

Can CA , MA etc. reciprocate by moving up paroles of convicted criminals in their states in return for the early parolees accepting transport to TX and Fla. ?

Don't get mad, get even!

August 27, 2023

Trump praise for Vivek

A safe endorsement since Trump knows the GOP and his racist "base" will never back the little brown guy.

August 21, 2023

Joe Biden should announce

his intention to NOT debate Trump. Let Trump stew in his own juices.
If the public wants to know about Trump, let them follow the evidence under oath that comes out during the trials.

August 20, 2023

The timing of the Trump indictments

seems politically perfect. Every day leading up to the election should see a review of the evidence highlighting his blatant criminality. Dems can work with that.

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