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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 05:57 PM
Number of posts: 2,522

Journal Archives

Trump praise for Vivek

A safe endorsement since Trump knows the GOP and his racist "base" will never back the little brown guy.

Joe Biden should announce

his intention to NOT debate Trump. Let Trump stew in his own juices.
If the public wants to know about Trump, let them follow the evidence under oath that comes out during the trials.

The timing of the Trump indictments

seems politically perfect. Every day leading up to the election should see a review of the evidence highlighting his blatant criminality. Dems can work with that.

No wonder the GOP wants to suppress CRT

I thought I was "woke" but missed too many of these questions:


Venn diagram of McGonigal contacts

Anyone seen one, links?

Ammo for the abortion debate

Terrific , comprehensive treatise by Valerie Tarico:


"Trump, Eastman and others"

Did we get a definitive list of "others"?

Should the Senate

take over the J6 investigation and force subpoena compliance?

Charge every single one of them

"2,319 texts from Mark Meadows now public, showing 34 Republican members of Congress texting with him about January 6, the fake electors, and declaring martial law (or "Marshall Law," sic), per Talking Points Memo."

Is sedition an appropriate charge?
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