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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,633

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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In the mindset of the Trumpeteer:

I work an ancillary medical job in a relatively rural area of California. A blue county, but some boisterous RW'ers.
One elderly gent I had a hand in caring for shortly before November's election was wearing his red "Make America Grunt Again" hat, the whole time I did my job he grumbled about "That damn Hillary better not get in there"... followed by all the expected RW talking points well pounded into his senile head.
Avoiding the politics subject to do my job as required, and directing him back onto questions related to why he was being seen through the emergency room, a couple of his off-subject ranting responses stood out:
"I don't go to doctors".
I cannot say this to him, but, my internal though processes go straight to "Hmm, is that why you're here now with pneumonia, pancreatitis, cirrhosis and 2 different kinds of cancer?"
"They gotta get rid of that damn Obamacare"
Once again, I'm forbidden to comment, but the dumb fucker doesn't even realize that the increased patient load, the fact we have new equipment to diagnose his conditions, the reason that my job is highly in demand right now over the late 2000's when the job market for my specialty totally bottomed out is... Obamacare.
This old grandpa was so RW brainwashed that his entire perception of his own reality is enough to make any caregiver facepalm themselves.
We stand in grave danger of going right back to all the problems the ACA helped to solve. NO, it wasn't perfect. No essentially free-market plan can be. But I get so angry at the republicans that put the "No public option" poison pill into the ACA, and now are ready to give the insurance lobby all the greedy profiteering without having to take care of pesky nutjobs like the aforementioned.

Fox noise bamboozling the alt/right about Obama

Just out of curiosity, a google search of how fox news is reporting Trump's wiretap claim produced Hannity's delusional dogpile:

Oh, the tangled web of obfuscation Sean weaves.

I hope Sir Patrick Stewart's commitment to help us by obtaining US citizenry catches on.

I bow my head to Sir Patrick, and hope such may begin a fever against the current repubsickailment. 1000 ml qd common sense, charitable manners and proactive counter anti-immigration backfire truly light the candalaria against the Drumpher's obfuscative preadolescent twitter tantrums hiding from guilt in his bathrobe.

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