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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,564

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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Don't be alarmed if your Cali friends and family are out of touch for a few days

Massive, nearly statewide fire safety power shutoffs have already started. I'm quickly snapping out emails to family and this before it quits here. It's insult to top injury with out of control blaze in the North Bay with mandatory evacuations.
There are gasoline lines, rushes on dry ice, batteries and other emergency supplies happening in panic mode everywhere here.

ROFL... hah, hah, oh, ghod I can't stop... "It's a gay bar, Pamela".

A Trump supporter’s ignorant comment about a gay bar has resulted in a hilarious meme and a rainbow-colored pin immortalizing her cluelessness.
When Trump held his October 10 rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Saloon nightclub – which has a 96% rating on Gay Cities – protested by flying the giant “Trump baby” balloon from its rooftop.
A news article about the Saloon’s protest agitated Trump supporters and his detractors on Facebook, leading an older woman named Pamela to state, “The Saloon lost my business.”

A surprised commenter asked, “Were you a frequent visitor??”

Finally, one commenter witheringly said, “It’s a gay bar, Pamela.”

Admittedly, Pamela wasn’t the only (presumably straight) Trump supporter declaring their intention to boycott the Saloon. Citypages.com writes, “There were other older Trumpsters (on Facebook) — some seemingly pictured with their opposite-sex partners — who made similar gaffes,” pledging to stop going to a gay bar whose website touts its “excess of gorgeous men to meet.”

Ripped from:

Personal disaster in Calfornia's PG&E power shutoff

During the outage wednesday evening, this senior citizen had a senior moment. Resulting in a, well, ahem, cooking accident that totalled my trailer home of 20 years. Both me and the pup are okay, but as I was in the process of carpet shampooing, I had set the fire extinguisher away from the door to clean that area, so at the moment it was on the other side of the major blaze that set an office chair like a towering inferno. That job was on hold till the power came back on, so much for that now.
Now the local housing authority people are harassing me about moving the fire damaged unit by tomorrow. Lovely. I've already had to sacrifice my retirement account, got it coming FedEx overnight once Fidelity darn well decides they've made me jump enough hoops to get that. Now the local dump people want to charge me $2300 to dispose of the unit. OMG. Once again, nothing I can afford till the check comes.
Hopefully I can find temporary storage for the trailer till money for disposal, a new unit and all the hauling comes in.
By wednesday night this week, I'll be homeless sleeping in my car with the dog, again, because I cannot afford another night at the motel 666.
Shit happens. It's why I don't get attached to my "stuff". The old trailer made me a lot of money on travel work over the years, with so little to show for it. Seems every time I get on top, get in the green some new calamity comes along that knocks me all the way back down again. Job's got nothing on me, although I've never had thousands of animals nor currency... LOL
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