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Member since: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 05:05 PM
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They call us angry, but they're the ones shouting

They say we can't get over the 2016 election, but they're the ones who won't let it go--and they *won*!

Donald Trump isn't the only Republican who projects his feelings onto others.
Posted by cyclonefence | Thu Dec 5, 2019, 01:08 PM (4 replies)

Even Oscar the Grouch Cringes

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

A woman was ejected from Sesame Place on Tuesday after a curse-filled tirade directed at a Muslim woman, who captured the incident on camera and alleges it all began when the other woman told her to “go back" where she came from.

The video, which was gaining attention on Instagram and Twitter, begins with the unidentified white older woman in a black bathing suit giving the middle finger to the camera in front of scores of confused kids waiting in line for a water ride at the amusement park in Langhorne, Bucks County.

The woman behind the camera, who identified herself to CBS3 as Zafirah Moore, urges the other woman to “Say it again! Say it again!”

“Acting like this around all these kids. This is terrible. This is horrible. This is horrible,” Moore says on the video. “She told me to ‘Go back to where I came from.’ Wow. At Sesame Place!”

Posted by cyclonefence | Thu Aug 8, 2019, 02:05 PM (1 replies)

The night before D-Day

I have told this story to friends, but I don't want it to die so I'm telling it to all of you.

Howard Weigel of Hinton WV (known to his friends as "Monk" because he looked apish) was among the paratroopers put down in the forests inland of the beaches in Normandy to provide support for the invading forces. These men were to be dropped in deepest darkness into dense forests, and they were given those little metal clickers (often shaped like a frog) that we played with as children. The idea was that they could locate each other by the sound of the clickers, maintaining absolute silence other than the clicking.

Howard told my father, an Army Air Force tail gunner, that after he landed and disengaged from his parachute, he crouched in the undergrowth and began clicking. What had not been considered was that there would be actual clicking sounds from actual insects. Howard panicked because he could hear clicking all around him and didn't know which way to turn. He crouched in the undergrowth, shaking with fear, until by luck one of his mates found him. Howard survived D-Day, obviously, but only by the grace of god.
Posted by cyclonefence | Thu Jun 6, 2019, 08:32 AM (1 replies)

What's up with Jeopardy?

Am I crazy, or is something going on with the clues/answers this week? They seem to be phrased in an unfamiliar way, and the shift from easy to difficult as you move down the board seems really screwed up. I usually don't have a problem with most of the answers (not that I know them all, or can remember them all, but I understand what's being asked for) but this week seems wacky-doodle to me. Anyone else notice this?

That hamberder spread is so offensive to me, I can't imagine how the Clemson players must have felt

The assumption that football players' favorite food is berders and fries may or may not be legit, but what college kid invited to the WH to celebrate a successful season wants to be fed with stuff he can buy for himself, any day? Isn't the honor of being invited to dinner at the WH the opportunity for us regular folks to sit at big fancy tables--that belong to US--and be fed with food that will impress us? How is it honoring anyone to feed them hamberders, and not even hamberders made by some fancy chef? I think DT finds this very amusing and demonstrative of his ?charm? ?sense of humor? ?understanding of what the Young Folks like?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for at least 99% of these guys, something they'll want to tell their children and grandchildren about, something their parents would want to brag about to the neighbors, and DT has totally fucked it up.

I wish the Clemson team, as soon as they learned they'd be fed McDonald's, had all suddenly had to wash their hair that night.

What an asshole our president is. He can't even get a simple celebratory dinner right.

How about we give him his stupid wall, and he

gives us Merrick Garland on the SC?

chemo report

I've had two treatments (of four of this kind; then I get four more of something else), so I'm halfway through what I hope is the worst. This chemo is not at all like the chemo I had six years ago--that was a breeze. This one has me totally knocked on my ass. The treatments are three weeks apart, and I'm not much better two weeks in than I am at a week in.

Today I went for blood work and told the nurse how bad I was feeling--exhausted to the point that I literally spend my time between bed and the recliner, with bathroom breaks and a shower when I can stand up long enough. My nausea has me retching until my abdominal muscles hurt, and the diarrhea, while not constant, is green (and I don't remember when I ate anything green). My mouth is full of thrush and painful sores along the side of my tongue and the inside of my cheeks, and I sleep at least 16 hours out of every 24. When I'm awake, all I can do is watch TV and bitch.

The nurse asked me if I had time for an intravenous fluid infusion, and I said yes, even though I'm drinking so much water my urine is colorless. She said sometimes getting it right into the blood vessels makes patients feel better. Three fucking hours.

And it's wonderful! I went from the chemo suite to the grocery store and bought peppers and sweet sausages (which I've been craving but hated to ask my poor husband to make), which I'm frying up right now with onions and a little garlic. I also bought ingredients for chili, which--assuming my power holds out--I'll make later today and we can eat for the next week.

Has anybody else had this reaction to IV fluids? They said I could come back for another infusion if I needed it, but not how many I can have--if there is a limit. I mean, it's just fluids, and I have a port, so no big deal, right?

I haven't felt this good since before surgery. I wonder how long it will last.

Oh, and they prescrbed for the nausea and thrush, too, but those don't seem worth the trouble now.
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