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cyclonefence's Journal
cyclonefence's Journal
July 16, 2024

Can somebody remind me

of an instance where a Democrat's inflammatory rhetoric has led to a physical attack on a Republican? Suddenly we're all being admonished to be kinder to each other? What is this shit--"fine people on both sides?"

Trump's speech caused Paul Pelosi to be attacked with a hammer. He almost died. People died on January 6. There are numerous incidences where nut cases like Kyle Rittenhouse were spurred to violence by things Trump said. And now Trump gets winged by a bullet (or a piece of glass--it really doesn't matter to me which it was), and suddenly the rhetoric *on both sides* is to blame. Hell, the kid who shot at Trump wasn't inflamed by something Joe Biden said, was he? Why are we, the peaceful ones, being tarred with the same brush as the Republicans *ought* to be tarring themselves?

And it seems to me that this would be the perfect time for Republicans to embrace sensible gun control, but if you think that's going to happen, well, I'm Marie of Romania.

July 2, 2024

The Philadelphia Inquirer's lead editorial today

urged Donald Trump to drop out of the race, for the good of the nation.

June 29, 2024

"If Jesus tarries..."

Day before yesterday, I had a colonoscopy. Don't groan; it was actually quite a treat. Prep was taking pills with a lot of water, and the only downside was I was up all night squirting out lemonade. I'm retired and pretty much responsibility-free, so it really doesn't matter when I sleep. And the drugs, of course, made the procedure quite enjoyable.

Anyway, all done, everything normal, no polyps, blah blah blah. And then the doctor says, "I'll see you in five years for the next one," and I *almost* replied, "Yes, if Jesus tarries." Does anybody else here use/know that phrase? It means, of course, I'll be there assuming Jesus doesn't return and the world ends. I think it's a charming thing to say, mostly because of the "tarries," but I don't know where I picked it up. I'm an Episcopalian, and we just don't say things like that. I went to the Baptist and Christian (Church of Christ) churches with my grandmothers, and I don't remember anyone saying such a thing.

I didn't want to say it to the doctor because he's Indian and I wasn't sure he'd understand I meant it in a playful way. I don't want the reputation among my medical team that I'm looking for the Rapture.

June 25, 2024

Yet another woodpecker out the wazoo

This morning the cat was sitting at the window chittering and twitching, and lo! and behold! A baby flicker on the crepe myrtle, looking at the window. The window is dangerously reflective, and after I'd had a good look I put my palm against the glass, and the little (hah not so little) fellow flew away unscathed and unconcussed. I'd never seen a flicker anyplace but on the driveway, eating worms washed out by recent rain. This one has not yet learned I guess that he's a ground feeder. Fortunately there's a big patch of dropped suet bits under the feeder, so he'll be OK.

June 24, 2024

Woodpeckers out the wazoo!

I convinced my husband to bend the "one suet cake per day" rule--the starlings devour them an hour after he puts a new one out every morning--because baby red-bellies have left the nest and are learning to eat suet. We have four young females and at least two males. They are feisty, facing down blue jays and catbirds as well as the ubiquitous starlings and grackles. We have a bunch of baby downies and a couple of hairies, too.

I'm glued to the window.

June 19, 2024

A baseball joke

I just made up while watching the Mighty Phillies take on the Padres:

When a pitched ball hits the catcher in the crotch, you'd have to call both a ball and a strike.

Get it? Get it?

PS If somebody else already told this joke and I didn't really make it up myself, please do not tell me.

March 16, 2024

I wonder if someone here can help me

This morning (I'm in SE PA) a little bird--goldfinch size--landed on a small tree outside my window. It was nondescript grayish, with gray/black stripes. But it had a big bright yellow patch on its butt! This was not a goldfinch; I know what they look like in early spring before they get their yellow. It was shy and flew when I tried to get a closer look. This guy looked like somebody had painted a big yellow spot on his butt--not his tail, his/her backside. Roger Tory Peterson was no help; I'd hoped it was a Confusing Spring Warbler, but I couldn't find a picture that even remotely resembled it. Any ideas? It has not returned today, and we have heavy bird traffic here.

March 16, 2024

Active shooter in Bucks County PA

Well, it came to us in bucolic Bucks County this morning, three dead (so far):


February 21, 2024

I'm not so much worried about another civil war

as I am about another Dark Ages, when a majority of people scorned science and actively persecuted people engaged in things most people didn't understand. There are people today who believe the earth is flat; how soon will it be before someone points out that it's clear the sun goes around the earth, not the other way around.

A friend of mine believes the moon landing was a hoax "because it's impossible to maintain radio communication that far away." He is ill-educated yet basically intelligent (really!) and if I had the skills to teach him I would. But how soon before people who don't understand science (we already have creationists who have a foothold in some school districts) question everything we know about--oh, vaccines, say--because they don't understand how they work. So they make up stories about what's going on--vaccines are a way to implant chocolate chips for mind control, for instance.

I said to my friend the other day that he is living in the Matrix, where nothing is what it appears to be, and everything is controlled for some malevolent reason, like making your kids want to change their gender.

If Biden doesn't win, and Trump does, I truly feel we're heading down a road darker than anyone can imagine.

January 6, 2024

Why isn't there more mocking from Dems

of Trump's spectacular ignorance about just about everything? We post clips and quotes here and have a good laugh, but I can't help remembering how ruthless popular media--not just SNL--were about George W.'s stupidity. Why aren't we as Dems in congress and campaign workers and editorial writers more blatant about the astounding depth of Trump's ignorance--this is a guy, President of the goddam USA, who had to ask an aide "what's the big deal about Pearl Harbor?" And he went to fucking *military school*.

I know that part of the problem is preaching to the choir. MAGAs do not read or listen to anyone who disparages the Orange Rapist, but if we are relentless, our smirking at his stupidity might soak down through the layers of cotton wool his supporters have wrapped themselves in.

Making fun of him is our most potent weapon.

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