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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,132

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was in my local safe mart store today, was getting a shopping cart and the door monitor

actively chased off a no masker out of the store . yay and im shocked . now if they can get the below the nose wearers to wear it properly.
have a grand day everyone .

this is getting downright rediculus. enough of this nonsense .

can i goto bed now ? i am physically wiped out , been up

since 0530 , and loved evry minute of it . just worked out and felt good . nite du. sleep well and have plesant dreams of the next 4 years with out him.

i dare you not to cry. ( note to self, ive been crying all day)

i said id do this,whelp here you are and yes i did.

thanks du for keeping me insane the last four years .

playing hail to the chief and i am crying.

i said id be celebrating with ship horns and whistles ,

this is the only one i could find on utube at the moment .

i just changed my avatar from a upside down flag to an upside right flag.

been waiting for the day to do it and today is the day. congrats team biden.thanks du for being my fowlweather home for 4 years . i really joined after the bush / gore gaffe. when du was hacked , we had to change everythimg. not on election nite . thanks to the owner who kept du open during election day and not just to star members . thank u.

i am going to put this here . it may get locked but i am going to fire it off anyway.

nite nite du. am kaput for the nite . am watching the results with cautious optimisem. see ya all in the morning.
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