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Member since: Sat Jan 28, 2017, 11:44 PM
Number of posts: 1,428

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Thinking about time zones

When I look at the time stamps for posts they all correlate with Eastern Standard which is where I am. Is that true for everyone? Do all DUers see the same time as me or does it revert to your local time?

Thank you for my hearts

I love them.


I have so far been able to avoid it. That is very purposeful on my part. I have seen more than enough in my lifetime.

It is a monumental example of short sightedness by EVERYONE

that 6-20 people can shut down a third of the US gov't.

Simply due to the fact that someone isn't holding a wooden mallet our country is exemplified as a total charlie foxtrot (CF).

The rule should be the old congress shall remain in place until the new one is up and running. Simple. If democrats were going to be in charge until a new speaker was selected a new speaker would've been selected toot sweet.

Fuck you Jill Stein and protest voters. Fuck you

once again your TOTALLY selfish decision has further eroded America I hope you sleep like shit you sanctimonious fuckers

Fuck you Jill Stein and protest voters. Fuck you

Hope making perfect the enemy of good enough has served you well cause it sure has fucked the country.

Thank you very much for the hearts

DU is amazing. I am touched by this generosity.

There is a very real chance that Roe will be overturned to that I say

Fuck you Jill Stein and protest voters. Fuck you all to hell.

From now until forever

The Democratic leaders had better NOT shut up about how good and important and beneficial this bipartisan infrastructure bill is.

Just keep trumpeting the successes NO MATTER WHAT CRITICISMS COME AT IT. Don't ever go on the defensive. This is good stuff

If the filibuster is so important to requkes

Instead of threatening to abuse power if it’s gone they could just say they’ll reinstate it. Or is this another point they lie about?
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