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Member since: Sat Jan 28, 2017, 11:44 PM
Number of posts: 1,474

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It has become crucial to win the house.

Repukes have shown no desire to investigate republican campaign shenanigans. If a mid level FBI agent needs investigating for 'influencing a campaign' what should be done with Cohen's statements that Trump manipulated the campaign?

Call your representatives. Put pressure on all republicans to do what's right.


Trump states he prefers 'alternative facts'

I just saw a blurb of Trump's tarmac press conference from this morning. You know those where he stands outside shouting over the noise of a helicopter.(?) He was shown saying, with regards to a U.S. response to the poisoning incident, "We are going to get the facts straight. And if we agree with them we will condemn Russia or whoever it may be. " If the facts are straight how do you not agree with them?

Every republican is responsible for the farce of Hump's presidency. Never forgive and never forget what repukes want for America. GET OUT THE VOTE!! We vote we win.

Thank you very much for the hearts.

I really appreciate them. The day after the tragedy that was the last presidential I found this site. It has literally saved my life. I was beyond despondent. I saw blood and was ready to make it flow.

Now, I work hard to elect and get elected progressive candidates. I have no tolerance for the right. The question which drives my life is "What have you done to elect a democrat?" Today I called Goodlatte and asked what is he doing about the lack of security clearances in the WH.

School Shootings are out of control

There have been 11 school shootings THIS year. It is January 23!!! That is 17 days between Mon and Fri. Now take out MLK day. 16 days. Now remove New Year's day. 15 days. Did every school start on Jan 2?

Fuck you Republicans for not even attempting to address this issue.

My mistake there have been 11 mass shootings so far this year. 11 out of 23 days. I misquoted a stat I heard earlier.

Why are Republicans behaving as if the next election cycle won't matter?

From trying to do away with ethical oversight to the current tax bill Republicans have consistently set forth a political agenda that is anathema to the general population.

Why do these repugnant people act like their actions won't have consequences? What do they know about the upcoming midterms that we don't know?

That is the thought that keeps me up at night.

Bob Goodlatte will not seek re-election

That's some straight up good news right there.

The lesson for democrat supporters

is get out the vote. That is all.

MSM causing VA election to be close.

They motivate republicans by constantly pointing out how close it has become in VA. Imagine how different everything would feel if the stories were about how far ahead Democrats are in NJ.

Before the Trumpdon't care act

Congress unanimously voted to exempt themselves from the amendments repeal and replace the bill.

Edit: My mistake. They unanimously voted to cancel this exemption. Sorry for any confusion.

Trump still don't care.
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