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spicysista's Journal
spicysista's Journal
February 22, 2019

DL For The Win!

I don't always agree with DL. However, Mr. Hughley is absolutely correct in this clip about the Smollett situation.

Favorite quote from the clip: "Chicago has become a whipping post for everything that is wrong with our communities. Fixing Chicago won't fix most black people's problems. Fixing most black people's problems will fix Chicago."
February 14, 2019

Thank You For All Kinds of Love!

Thank you for sending me some computer love (hearts)!

For those who love computers.....

For the math lover.......

For those who love stripes.....

For those who love awesome presidents....

For those who love Stitches and not snitches.....

February 14, 2019

Mother Speaks Out About 12 Year Old Daughter's Strip-Search Experience

From Essence.com

Mother Of 1 Of The 4 Black And Latina Girls Strip-Searched At New York School Speaks Out

Breanna Edwards Feb, 14, 2019

Chanderlia Silva has laughter in her voice as she describes her daughter to ESSENCE.

The 12-year-old is a shy girl, Silva notes, although once she gets comfortable she can be super silly. She loves being around people; she loves music (it always came blaring from the speaker in her room); she likes to dance and play with makeup, try on clothes and hang out with her girls.

So, when the music stopped coming from her daughter’s room, when she started sleeping in all day…behavior that was not like the bubbly “girly girl” that her mother knew and loved, Silva became desperately worried.

“I felt like she was going into a stage of depression,” the 28-year-old mother of four told ESSENCE last week, her voice sobering. “She was displaying behaviors of wanting to hurt herself, which definitely put me in a bad space because you never want to see your child go through that. Then, as a mom, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know exactly what to do. In those situations, you don’t want to put her in a more stressful space.”

Link to article: https://www.essence.com/news/mother-of-1-of-the-4-black-and-latina-girls-strip-searched-at-new-york-school-speaks-out/

This would be devastating to anyone. But to a child....this is not acceptable. It has BEEN happening across the country.
A few examples...

#Unfiltered Video/Analysis of Current Incident

February 14, 2019

The beginning of 2019's One Billion Rising

The beginning of 2019’s One Billion Rising

One Billion Rising. A world wide movement against domestic violence and sexual assault against women and children.

One of the first groups of dancers on the planet to add their presence the 2019 One Billion Rising event, hundreds of women and children and men were not deterred by a few drops of rain at the annual V-Day dawn event on Main Beach at Byron this morning.

Calling on all women everywhere to ‘dance’ and ‘rise’ during the V-Day activism event to end violence against women and girls, those gathered learned the a dance to the song Break the Chain.

One Billion Rising. A world wide movement against domestic violence and sexual assult against women and children.

Article and more pictures at link... https://www.echo.net.au/2019/02/beginning-2019s-one-billion-rising/

February 13, 2019

Thanks For The Hearts!

Thanks for starting off my hump day with some love, DU. You guys are the best!

For the lover of stars....

For the lover of all things furry...

For the lover of sponges....

For the lover of "wrestlers"....

For lovers of animation......

For lovers of .....love?

February 7, 2019

Rev. William J. Barber, II : America, America, What's Going On?

I hope this is an okay place to post this lecture (sermon to some). In a speech that is both history lesson and call to arms, Rev. Barber puts for a "moral vision" for America. It is kind of lengthy, but flows nicely. So, get a snack, maybe some lady grey and enjoy!

If this is not the place for my post, please accept my apologies. I will remove it upon request.
February 7, 2019

Crystal Mason and a RepubliCON DA .....Know Their Game

It's all about voting, folks. This is an example of what RepubliCONS will do to limit our access to the ballot. They know (even if some progressives among us don't seem to) that black women are democrats' not so secret weapon. Watch the clip below to see how a Tarrant County Texas DA is trying to make an example of Crystal Mason.

For more context, here're a few other articles about Ms. Mason.

Interesting article on the DA, Sharen Wilson...

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