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thinkingagain's Journal
thinkingagain's Journal
January 23, 2022

pet Insurance

does anyone have any recommendations or experience with using any particular one?

January 6, 2022

Well we are kinda snowed!

Here in eastern Washington.
And it’s still snowing.  Around my house children houses and work  depending where measured between 14”-18” of snow and it’s only 6:30 am.
For example the snow is pretty much all the way to my top step of my walk way.
Roads are closed at least one local sheriff Dept asking please don’t go out unless you have to.  Several Schools districts closed. My local district rarely closes.
The place I work and all the five county  branches it covers got an email that will have late openings but they will reassess later to see if it will be even later then that or at all today.
I can’t think of if that has ever happened.

September 17, 2021

Question re: Covid shot reaction

My nephew believes he had a reaction the his first Covid Moderna shot.
I thought I heard that you can report reactions or what may be a reaction
But don’t recall to whom.
I think recall reading about it on DU in the past so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

July 15, 2021

Wildfires are having devistating effects in my area. (warning some graffic information)

I came across this story tonight shortly before heading off to bed and felt I needed to post something as the story on the horses is so sad but the story of offers of help is so wonderful.

I have never done a post like this so I hope that it is OK to do as it is a link to a donate to site.

My area is once again being hit hard by wildfires all around me. One area has hit a rancher hard on his livestock. It is very hard to read. I added the story about the horses being injured to help understand why I am posting this. (See  facebook story below )

I also don't have facebook but his facebook you seem to be able to read without an account. So I am including the link.


Website:  https://okandogs.com/

donation link : https://okandogs.com/donation/

A local non profit who is known for his kindness towards animals and is apparently a totally awesome guy. I say this because I do not know him. I have only heard good things about what he does.  He shelters dogs and makes sure they get vet care if needed.  Most recently, even though it would take most of the current funds, made sure a litter of pups with parvo got care.  Now he heard about this fire that has injured these horses in Nespelem Wa. He is making sure vet care and hay is being sent.  He did this hay gathering before when another area was hit hard by fire last year.  Money is being raised to help with this fire and current animal expenses.  I am posting on DU because we are such awesome people. Some of you might feel inclined to help.  If it matters, I honestly, I could not tell you his political affiliation.  Looks like I missed the window of matching donations. 


Tiffany Wiebe Wisdom

Yesterday at 5:30 PM


please share my post, it's really important for ppl to see and help if they want to, if you care to donate. The link will be in comments you will be donating to a 501c3 (tax advantages) and every dollar donated from 4 pm today 7/13 till 7pm tomorrow 7/14 is going to be matched by a very kind soul... a hero!

Donations will also go to vet care. We were going to have money go to vet but rather than bombard them.with ph calls tom has agreed to handle that money also.

Ughhhh, ok, sad post. ....

Nespelem fire really took its toll on the community and its not done with them yet, its still active.

Our friends over at the Palmer ranch can't seem to catch a break, they got hit in the labor day fire, and before they could recover yesterday's fire came knocking on their door. They once again got hit the hardest in the Nespelem area.. Their 50 broodmares some in foal, some with colts on their side took the biggest hit. Their stallions and some ranch horses are still missing, 16 horses died or had to be euthanized. Their herd of cows have not been totally accounted for, most are scattered and in harms way, some fate is unknown.

One baby (update: he didn't make it horse had to have his mom put down right in front of him while he himself was gravely injured. He needed her now more than ever, we medicated him did the best we could while his hoof is sloughed off and a 2 more look to be following suit. Sad to see him shaking and gasping n puffing for air, I can't imagine what his lil heart endured. We got him in a trailer n off to see Dr. Charlie at Alpine vet in Omak. He needs prayers and donations as he has a long road ahead if he should make it. The pics were all I was able to get as this fire was just so emotional for us after our experience last fall. In the pics you will see the lil baby in the trailer, broodmares that have burnt legs, injuries from jumping off rock cliffs in an attempt to out run the flames, burnt bellies, butts, tails and most horrific faces n ears n eyes.

In the middle of it all I reached out to the one person I knew could help... Tom Short w OKANDOGS...once again he jumped at the chance to help the 4 leggers in need and authorized 5,000.00 in hay to help the locals feed stock until other plans can be made. Victor Wisdom and Cody Hodgin took off work n raced home to meet and assist in anyway they could. Remington Wisdom was my right hand assistant and ran her butt off as soon as I needed anything. Jay Palmer and Josh Flowers (who's family owns the stock) were at it first thing rounding up livestock n assessing the damage. Everyone was exhausted from heat n stress and that smoke!!! Ughhh

So many friends and good ppl have reached out to help, asking what we need. Summer Huckaby and Penelope Evans Varn are gonna help round up more hay n supplies. Tayla Moore and Silas came and were there w water, supplies and muscle. Ppl have offered to help haul, we hauled all that could be moved today, some horses are at water now n we needed to leave them to settle as they are exhausted and in shock. They are also serving as bait for others to come to them so they can be rounded up n hauled out. We are gonna get a new plan from the owner steve in the a.m. and then we will let everyone know what happens next. Alot of wild horses are joining Steve's herd so we are gonna need hay to feed them. If anyone wants to donate money for hay you can reach out to OKANDOGS or Summer Huckaby. We are also asking for any one who feels the need to help to please donate to Alpine Vet Clinic to help pay for the horses that are gonna need a vet. There is others in the community that will need help. We will do what we can. Thanks for reading my post... Prayers appreciated



February 13, 2021

When the signers of the Declartion of independence

Was signed.
Those men knew that it could be the end for them. They could be killed possibly their families. Any power and money they might have be taken away.
But they did it any way. To take a chance on a future government.
So now The majority of the repubs are willing to throw that chance away for their political futures worried they won’t get the vote from trumps followers
Worried that their lives or families might be in danger from those same supporters.
So they don’t have the same guts or values that the signers had. Then they don’t deserve to be in charge of our country.
They need to think this they know trump rallied his troops to do damage multiple times he did so that day they did not stop until he told them to stop.
They also need to turn and look at the fellow Republican defending t and ask themselves if that guy was in on this.

Because so many could of been killed that day and that includes them.

So that is the fight they need to fight stop it now so it doesn’t happen again because next time it might not be able to be stopped.

February 11, 2021

Hearts hearts hearts

So sweet of everyone.
Thank you.

February 11, 2021

Someone gave me a valentine heart!

Thank you so sweet😊
And my you Have a beautiful day.

February 10, 2021

Thank you

For the heart. Whomever you are.
Sweet thoughts all day.

February 9, 2021

Two hearts in such a short time

Thank you you guys are awesome.

February 9, 2021

Thank you for the heart

I am randomly checking the DU while trying to listen to the impeachment trial and work at my job at the same time.
One of those time I happened to see someone sent me a Heart.

Thank you 😊

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