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Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 06:51 PM
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Question about receiving republican fund raising mail

So periodically I receive republican / trump fund raising mail surveys. The first one I grabbed a sharpie and filled it out with hell no etc. then mailed it back. With dont send me this crap again take me their list.
I also complained to different agencies like my local election office because that one was made to look like it was on official letter from them.
Since then got a couple more just shredded them.
Well I got two more, one says look I put stamps on it (three 1 cent stamps)
I again took out my sharpie said do not send me this crap I wont vote gop or trump he is worst ever, terrible job etc.

Im not sure why they send me this crap Im not a registered anything much less republican. Although some of those mylife websites seems to think so. To many of those scam sites not worth fixing. Dont know where they got that Info.
Anyhow my question is. Is it worth a stamp and time filling out Do not send me this crap and basically trump and the gop suck. I would never vote much less support them/ him.
Or is shredding it the better idea.
They just piss me off when I get them in the mail like I asked for their crappy survey fund raising.
Posted by thinkingagain | Sat Sep 12, 2020, 12:09 PM (10 replies)

A month ago my son was diagnosed with cancer

He found it early stage 1, the doctors seem to be right on top of it. At least I think so.

Hes young 31 but he had a stroke two years ago so possibly that might complicate things.
Such as when they set up chemo for him some signs he was told to Watch for
He Said he already has from the stroke.

He finished one week of chemo so far has a couple more treatments then its just watch and check.

Of course Covid complicates things also. So when your normally isolated to some Degree with chemo its much more so with Covid.

I worry for him I cant be around him because of needing to be isolated we went with his younger sister being his care since she lives in his house. I understand that but as mom I want to help him.

I think things Will be fine but the
Worry is there what if it comes back etc.

Sorry Im rambling between his cancer, fires burning all around and still feeling stuff from a Fall that resulted in broken ribs and a sore back from a few weeks back going back to work after being out for so long from Covid shut down.
I think Im stressed and needed to vent a little.

Posted by thinkingagain | Mon Sep 7, 2020, 06:27 PM (14 replies)
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