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thinkingagain's Journal
thinkingagain's Journal
November 8, 2022

What's up Washington

So far it looks like we have a low ballot return.

Especially in King co.
We need King co to help pull the Senate race.

Get out and drop that ballot off.

Vote !

October 11, 2022

Anyone with diabetes have

Experience using bitter melon to lower their A1c ?

October 11, 2022

Anyone with diabetes have

Experience using bitter melon to lower their A1c ?

August 28, 2022

New kitty

I have been thinking about adding to my family by getting a dog not a cat. But Friday night, I saw a young cat on the local shelter site so I sent a “I like this cat” test to my family, hubby who has so far said no to the big dos I wanted to get said “up to you.” Went and got him Saturday.

We are still working on a name for him. Hopefully the image shows up as I have not yet posted pictures and it is all very confusing for me.

July 23, 2022

I just about got sick omg

Discovery tv will be showing a special called Unprecedented starring the trumps

July 23, 2022

With Republicans now not wanting women

To be able to use birth control.
What about the medicines you have to take that day do not get pregnant while taking talk to your doctor about how to prevent pregnancy while taking as it can harm your unborn child.

I guess they will think it’s ok to knowingly cause harm to a fetus that the woman will have to carry regardless because they have also not allowed to have abortions.

May 27, 2022

It's the fault of

Republicans are blaming everything but the fact they allow assault rifles to be bought and sold to everyone. Here’s the list I have come up with so far from different news sources possibly not great sources but generally repeated in similar words in more than one place. I am sure there is more.

It’s the fault of :

Sen. Ron Johnson blames "liberal indoctrination" for school shootings: "We stopped teaching values. Now we're teaching wokeness. We're indoctrinating our children with things like CRT."

Ted Cruz blames the shooting on the school having more than one door.

Republican Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona
He falsely claimed a "transsexual leftist illegal alien" was responsible for murders of 19 children and two teachers.

Gov. Abbott said the shooter had a “mental health” issue. A month ago, he slashed funding to help.

The left is calling for gun control, and yet it’s gun control that has contributed to this mass shooting that we saw in Texas,” Gun Owners of America senior vice president Erich Pratt said

Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson Blames the Uvalde School Shooting on Rap Music and Video Games

Texas AG Ken Paxton mentions arming teachers

May 25, 2022

Ban bullets not books

2nd amendment says right to bare arms not right to bullets.

March 2, 2022

We need a rebuttal to the republicans

Rebuttals. So many lies. For example
We faced the same Covid blah blah “Republican gov respected your freedom”

That’s why your states had higher death rates .

February 13, 2022

Thank you kind person

For the valentines heart.
It’s very appreciated.

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