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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,166

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The boog

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Easter 2010 memories of boog the chocolate lab

My wife is dyeing eggs for our grandchildren weíre having Easter egg hunt here this morning. Over coffee my wife mentioned kindergarten 2010 our one son and his class Easter egg hunt. Yes I replied I remember it very well as I glanced down at chocolate chaos sleeping on his back this morning all four paws in the air. As memories of a child crying and getting knocked down a eleven month old big chocolate lab head in childrenís Easter baskets trying to grab eggs.

What a holocaust of a Easter egg hunt , it all started out great for maybe a instant. Boog saw his boy and took off hunting eggs. Then he went rouge and started eating eggs he found , out the way kid knocking her down eating the egg she was after. Her running to the teacher crying that dog ate my egg , me running after chocolate chaos leashing him heading back to my wife.

After that day all parents received a nice letter from the school stating all dogs must be on leashes at any outside function. I just mentioned to my wife I wonder how many of those kids have PTSD over Easter because of the chocolate menace.

My moderna vax side effects impersonating christopher walken and Bob deniro

My wife told me god your weird as we were having coffee. I did the scene from dogs of war in hotel bar when Shannon was being questioned the names of the birds. Then when she was showering and iwent into my Bob De Niro I was Travis Bickel from taxi driver the Travis and iris scene Jody foster.

She then asked me to hand her a new bottle of body wash and told me to leave the bathroom as I brushed my teeth. So then I improved and went Travis Bickel you talking to me. My wife said get out let me shower in peace I said thatís all right Iím gonna get you out here iris.

Will be thirty four years married this June I think
She then informed our daughters and sons she met a weirdo paratrooper 35 years ago and he is now the guy that you call Dad.

Received moderna vax yesterday only side effects is getting a punch in my arm from my boys

Second shot is 4/29 so this morning at breakfast our seventeen year old. He asked me dad how does your arm feel. I replied itís ok little stiff then the shit gives me a punch in arm. And says candy ass I replied with a dramatic ow ow and said to my wife ow. then the other two had to get in on it.

I found out I was wealthy this morning, I have over 2000 sheetz points

So my kids are heading over to redeem my sheetz points. Hot dogs are 200 points each so ten chili dogs for cyber school lunch split five ways.
Son - Seriously dad you never check your points
Dad - No not really every time they ask if I want to redeem I say no.
Other son - Letís hit it and get chili dogs for lunch dad we need your key ring card.
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