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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,951

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The boog

Journal Archives

Thanks Brandon

Was at store today heard a couple they couldnít find a coffee flavor creamer they blamed it on Biden as I was grabbing gallons of milk , the dude said thanks Brandon Iím like oh fuck.

I did not say word I just headed to find a blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream.

As a cyber school parent I sent my guys to the store this morning.

Gave them my visa check card I told them bread and cheese and milk , the bill was $97 they picked up few extras , Is this is a passing grade in cyber school home economics.

Cyber school lunch the guys decided on nachos.

Trumps truth social is $4.99 a week

Exercising your first amendment costs $.4.99 weekly in maga land.

Passing out valentines my wife is always hard to shop for

Gave the dogs peanut butter toast and gave my wife a firm handshake looked her in the eye and said have a great Valentineís Day.

As a union truck driver boog and man are gonna shutdown Pizza Hut today

Like the vaccine trucking knuckle heads. Ok I donít run line haul anymore I just jockey and we donít have a tractor to honk our horn. Ok anyway weíre shutting down Pizza Hut our demands are bring back trans fats and free bread sticks.

Schedule strike starts at 11:00 am

11:05 we place our Pizza Hut lunch order by phone
Then we wait on delivery guy and tip him
12- 12:30 is lunch
And then we continue protest from the couch.
Next weekend we do Taco Bellís in demand that they bring back taco pizza.

I was in the 94 teamster strike we can do this I think

It's like the army around here last formation till weekend first sgt speech

Watching the grandkids and one grand nephew, the last formation speech before weekend from my first sgt down at Bragg weíre always great.

First sgt ok heathens we got a three day weekend so no drinking no falling in love with a stripper and getting engaged, no making unwanted little humans unless youíre married no fighting especially no repeats of a drunk riot with bravo company, I do not want to get a call from CQ that the MPís or local or state police need my attention and Iíd like to see some of you at my church on Sunday lord knows you need it. Iím sure everything I said went in one ear and out the other and he would add why is the sky blue airborne cuz the lord loves the infantry especially sky soldiers he was piece work top I loved him.

Paps speech ok no playing Evel knievel on the big wheels and trying to jump your little brother or cousin. If youíre gonna drink and still using sip cup do not lay your sip cup down for somebody else to drink out of , if you are in the potty training program please ask your grandmother or me or your three uncles to assist you.

And if youíre a graduate of potty training and using the commode once again we have standards always put the lid down wash your hands and once again no washing your little brothers hair with hand sanitizer. Since weíre on bathroom operations that reminds me only toys allowed in bathroom is doing bath time people, I do not want to find cars or any toys especially tickle me Elmo in the shitter again.

That was a close call with Elmo weíre lucky he is ok and still works and I swept that one under the rug from nana , if you are gonna chase the pup as he is chasing the cat please do not bite the pup he chews on you to touch you remember you all have hands. When we have pizza today do not feed the wild life as in your three furry uncles any of the pepperoni and onions pizza cheese pizza is allowed.

Iím positive my speech it went in one ear and out the other and why does pap have grey hair cuz the lord always gives me insane dogs gonna be a great weekend DU

Apologies I may have been the cause of Twitter going down

I was trying to flush old tweets and sweet jaysus it took 10-15 flushes to get them to go down.

Thanks for the hearts

I told my wife that marge green is a real souper star

She closed her office door gave me the eye roll after I handed her a coffee , she hardly ever closes that door.

I'm looking for a one night stand maybe two

For both of my lamps , Was told this by friend.
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