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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,406

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The boog

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I enjoy being a grandfather a ramble

In charge today of our seventh month old grandson tell you what he is so narcissistic. Itís all about him diaper needs changed I need a bottle he loves being held , well you know what young mister you got it. Our other grandson he is four months old went home I love em both I been a few things over the years a airborne infantry trooper as kid then a leg infantry troop after I broke my ankle twice on two different jumps.

I have been a husband a father thirty two years a teamster a alcoholic probably since age 12, still a husband and a lush but eating naltrexone for booze still a teamster and I love life. And I have a bad crush on Ann Wilson from Heart my wife and I saw her last year she has a beautiful voice, let me clarify the crush is on the 2018 Ann Wilson not the 1977 Ann Wilson I have morals Iím 52 why I could be the 1977 Ann Wilson father that woman has awesome voice.

My wife is ok with my crush she understands that Iím 52 but emotionally probably 17 she says to me but I fire back in humor and tell her hey I earn big cash being a uneducated steering wheel holder / union truck driver.

So my wife went into office today wearing heart monitor a fib leaking heart valve our one daughter went to visit her friend. And Iím in charge of her baby boy as her husband is working I go back work Wednesday night. So I asked our grandson baby boy you like Etta James I do I love her voice letís just chill on couch lay on my chest letís enjoy the music.

The Golden retriever definitely not a profile of courage

Iím on back porch having coffee and I hear woof woof. So I get up and let mr golden boy out to use the yard. And he pauses sniffs the air listens , and then looks at me come on man you gotta cover me while I go to the bathroom itís dark out. So we travel the yard together as he sniffed out the perfect spot, and then when he is done he runs back to the patio door. I let him in and he goes back to bed with my wife.

I amuse my wife bought a powerball with Boog on way home

With my cut Iím gonna get boog the chocolate lab a brain transplant. And fund local soup kitchen three meals a day seven days week. probably also buy some carhart long sleeve winter t shirts. My old long sleeve winter shirts need replaced. If we donít win Iíll still buy my long sleeve shirts Sunday and go work Monday and put the brain transplant on hold.

George Scott for congress Pennsylvania 10th

I see a lot of signs for George Scott Pennsylvania 10th I have one in our yard . This AO voted predominantly for orange scumbag in 2016. Polls have him one point behind trump bootlicking sycophant Scott Perry.

Pink Floyd and roasting chicken I give you a mental picture

At the house this morning our one son. Is now obsessed with David Gilmour he has inherited his obsession from dad In studying great guitarist. I had dark side of the moon on the other day and he has taken notice. Comfortably numb jamming with it figuring it out rewind the song again and figuring out the song.

And my kitchen assistant the 90 pound chocolate lab land shark. Is assisting me in roasting two chickens ok man they are roasting is it time to eat yet, a small puddle of drool on kitchen floor. I ask him as I cut up carrots you want a carrot dude I get a wag wag sure man.

So a journalist walks into a embassy

And accidentally gets murdered I just turned on the news this is the new alibi . Cut me a break we donít need the saudis trump and criminal crew needs their money.

And how I detest the magat sheep that buy his lying bullshit ,Really whatís next he stumbled into the bone saw.

Snap card

Was in line this morning grocery store and the cashier told this young lady. That her snap card does not cover clementines I found that odd.

You ever serve with dudes you knew they just had a destiny

Crazy A I knew him in leg land in west Germany. One solid trooper we served in mech infantry platoon 1986. I heard through grapevine years later after I ETS. Friend who re enlisted stopped to visit me. Crazy A went through Ranger course then SF assessment and the Qís and was with the teams. I always knew that he had a destiny to serve in that community.

Why not sure like me we just did our own thing. We were tight as friends put up with army stupid just kept our heads low we both had our jump wings EiB caught PCs from Bragg. Just thinking about him this morning not sure as of why. Example of how A operates I think it was Graf a training area west Germany. I was standing with the LT and platoon sgt, maybe early morning and A comes walking past us with 50 cal ammo cans. He stops puts down his cans grabs the LT and kisses him on Kevlar helmet. picks up his ammo and never says word heads to his 113. Lt was like what the fuck was that we laughed, I said LT he must like you he never kissed our old LT he was a asshole.

Another example of serving with A one night we need a patrol. Some FTX the brits were playing the Warsaw Pact, and the LT is telling me take my squad of 5 guys yea we were undermanned check out this ridge and sweep through this small village. So we get outside the perimeter and I stop my friends I said look letís just bag the ridge cuz we know the brits are there we heard there mech moving in. Will call in fake reports and head straight to the village drink some beers find a guesthouse or pub.

We always carried deutsch cash or dollars. So we all agreed beer over patrol so we end up in this pub tossing them back A would take the radio prc 77 out once in awhile give sit rep. And we had this hard charging pvt first duty station he said were supposed to be checking out the town I said go ahead it was night time go earn your cash. At least four of us were enjoying the self made R&R that I made for us. This hard charger comes flying back into the pub excited man armor British armor coming up the road from the south. We step outside to listen cuz we canít see shit snowing dark sure as shit theyíre on the move. A radios it in we get a reply hide and observe and report we smiled at each other and we went back to drinking beers. But crazy A i always knew was on a course to be high speed trooper.

Thank you all for the responses over my wife of good thoughts

She is taking blood thinning medicine and just to be sure she has to see a cardiologist tomorrow just to check it I guess. We went for Mexican yesterday for lunch after imagining appointment. I ended up taking my fajitas home as I loaded up on Spanish rice. And we got our sons take out and the chocolate dog was drooling for Mexican food as his boys ate.

Then about three hours later the boys were asking dad you want your fajitas no go ahead guys chow down. And the chocolate land shark was mooching again, kids I love Mexican food this rule of no spicy food for chocolate dogs is ridiculous we live in a democracy.

Then later I went romantic mode on couch with my wife. Our one son was jamming along with skynard and I hollered play The hunt. And my wife will say stop being a weirdo as I hold her close and lick her ears she is laughing. I told our sons that is how you meet a lady you go up and lick her ears they just roll their eyes. And my wife replies do not take dating advice from your father.

My wife is on medicine for possible blood clot

Iím up cannot sleep went bed 1130 was up 0200. She is sleeping as the boys are as well, had quite a bit of coffee lifted weights on back porch checked on my wife and our sons few times. I feel helpless drifting with her with this she is cool a very strong woman she is handling it much better than I am. Me Iím just stressing thinking worried I love her she is my world. Cleaned downstairs bathroom and kitchen , got load of wash done.

Poor cat he is 15 years old Maine coon he was on my lap and I noticed he had clumps so I cut his clumps out his fur. He has taken off to hide no I donít need a hair cut man. Should be on my way to New England but dropped off wheel we have lab work today and testing. We just told our sons mom has test to be done donít wanna stress them out our daughters their grown we told them.

Just went upstairs to get our guys up for eighth grade ,saw the cat he took off down the hall leave me alone mister your on caffeine and you had scissors I love that cat.
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