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Member since: Tue Feb 14, 2017, 05:45 PM
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Its pretty bad when Tommy Thompson calls Walker a bully.


April 9, 2018

“Former Wisconsin GOP Governor Tommy Thompson (1987 — 2001) had some blunt truth for Trump, state GOP Governor Scott Walker and other Republicans. Thompson said: “He’s (Trump) a bully, and the president should not be a bully.” And, Wisconsin Public Radio reported: “Thompson predicted the Republican Party and … Walker could face historic losses in November’s elections.” Thompson also contrasted his electoral and governing style to Trump’s and Walker’s: “The philosophy now is … 50 percent plus one vote. … don’t have to worry about those other people. I (Thompson) wanted every vote.” Small-town Wisconsin wisdom.”

Good read about Walkers failed power-grab.


“The proposed bill would have made several changes to Wisconsin law on special elections to fill state senate or assembly seats

“If successful, Walker’s proposal would have offered new and interesting strategies for future governors intent on molding the legislature to their liking. Presumably, the calling of a special election would become discretionary. With no legal requirement to promptly call a special election a governor could promptly call special elections to fill vacancies in districts likely to be won by his or her own party, while ignoring vacancies in districts favoring the other party.”

Peg Lautenschlager has passed away.


Ive been waiting for my tRump supporting Facebook friends to start whining

about today’s march the way that they found little things to whine about after the Women’s March. Not a peep from them. I guess the Russian bots haven’t gotten to them yet.

I remember that our local won an important arbitration because of notes that were more than

10 years old. tRump is afraid of McCabe’s notes. It looks like “scared tweeting” to me.

Ha-On Morning Joe-He cant even make a deal with a porn star,

how is he going to make one with North Korea?

Politicians are like diapers or maybe handwriting on the wall?

Schachtner beat Jarchow-R in the state senate race and scared Walker into not allowing special elections. Now he’s not even running for his assembly seat. His excuse is that “politicians are like diapers”. Interesting simile. 😄


Wisconsin under Walker and tRump

Kids making monkey noises during a high school basketball game in Racine. 😢


Not Screnock!

I shut up an NRA right winger yesterday in church.

He started asking me about arming teachers before I even got my coat off. I said, “Look at me. Many students in the middle school and high school could overpower me in a matter of seconds, grab my keys and get the gun. Then what?” He then started muttering about armed security guards. I asked about funds. (He has complained in the past about new school hires) He then muttered something about volunteers with guns. I gave him an incredulous look, and said, “What could go wrong with that?”He shut up. His daughter is also a teacher! I just don’t understand these people.
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