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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 03:20 PM
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I'm sick of turning the other cheek. Kathy G. Should not have apologized!

I thought the right was tired of PC? Fuck them. KG should have put out a statement denying ever being involved with the picture. That's what Donnie 2 Scoops would do. Then threaten to sue anyone that did not agree with Kathy's "alternative facts."

Please understand that I do think the picture was horrid. I'm just sick of having a double standard applied to us. Just ranting...I certainly respect anyone who found the picture offensive. I'm not looking to marginalize gore or violence.

CNN should have given her a raise, not dismissal.

Keith Oblermann: "For the love of 'covfefe,' arrest Jared Kushner NOW!"


Does Donnie 2 Scoops have to foot the bill for his new "legal team?"

The answer has to be yes, correct? Taxpayers should not be responsible for his private counsel.

Disruptive man wearing MAGA hat delays flight, passengers chant, "Lock him up!"

Haven't seen this posted here.
A United Airlines flight from Shanghai that was headed for Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey was delayed for hours because a passenger allegedly refused to get out of another traveler's seat while boarding, the airline said.
United said the man, who was wearing a bright red "Make America Great Again" hat, grew increasingly disruptive when crew members tried to get him to move out of the other flier's seat as they boarded the aircraft in Shanghai Sunday.

Source: Disruptive Passenger in Trump Hat Delays Newark-Bound United Flight, Airline Says | NBC New York http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/United-Flight-Stop-Unruly-Passenger-Newark-Shanghai-Video-423620374.html#ixzz4hp6jwh9B
Follow us: @nbcnewyork on Twitter | NBCNewYork on Facebook

Video in link...


Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info: A Closer Look with Seth Meyers

Includes a quick Michelle Obama clip...

Declassified: Did Trump Share Intel with Russian Officials?: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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