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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 4,063

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Michigan numbers again grim 14,225 cases 540 deaths

per Bridge Magazine. Don't think trackers have this. Bridge has inside track usually knows before Mi official site has posted. Damn him all to hell

Does anyone know if a Pres. candidate ever announced their AG pick before VP?

Three nurses have died in Michigan.

Bridge Magazine reported this morning that in the many deaths this week were 3 nurses. One of whom died alone in her home. Damn Damn Damn.

Pence says we are most like Italy but they

didn't have Jared so we're OK.

So death rate doubling in a little less than 4 days.

how much we've lost because of the dithering and lies.

Michigan will add about 2,000 cases to total as of 10:AM.

Off and running almost 500 deaths already today.

According to Worldometers.

I predict on the other side of this scourge.

A new real populist movement will take place. I don't think people will allow society to just rebuild what was. People who were secure in their employ have suddenly realized what I've known like forever. Most of the working class and the less fortunate are in the same leaky boat. I don't think politicians are going to continue to sell the people the same pipe dreams they have in the past.

Looks like we might have a relatively light day on Trump murders.

But based on new cases I think Tomorrow isn't gonna be like that.

By Dam my Governor Gretchen is remarkable.

I have met her in person and shook her hand I was impressed with her then. I am amazed by her now. She is so well spoken. By and large the News anchors asked real questions. I was a little provoked by the Fox reporter who said people wanted an ending date. I thought it was obvious that the disease will tell us that. So much information Jesus I love her.
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