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Thomas Hurt

Thomas Hurt's Journal
Thomas Hurt's Journal
April 29, 2020

Got my stimulus (re-elect Trump) letter on White House letterhead today.

They didn't outright ask for money, but they do the rah, rah, aren't we great, MAGAty thing.

English one side, Spanish on the other.

and of course the Pig's signature, to reassure us that Supreme Leader Lysol loves us all.

April 25, 2020

Will the turning point for Trump's demise be as simple as a crackpot statement about disinfectant?

I am wondering if this is waking people up and freaking out the cultists.

April 2, 2020

Getting the stimulus check if you haven't filed taxes for last two years?

My sister has been my step dad's caregiver for the last two years. He passed away in November and she is now looking to get back to gainful employment. The 1200 dollars would come in handy but she hasn't filed taxes in a couple of years since she had no income.

Anyone seen how folks like my sister can get their check or deposit?

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