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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,722

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police reform ideas anybody?

I would like to see, IF ANY cop had one (changes for each one) police brutality report against them. 1) loss of Quallified Immunlty for 3 months. second offense 6 months. 3rd offense indefinite loss.(plus taken off the streets.) Add pay loss as well. or FIRE them at some point! The list could go on and on BUT something affecting the OFFICER INVOLVED is the right approach i believe!

Seriously is there anything OSHA can do to enforce vaccines in the workplace?

(especially in Florida!)

I'm curious if someone could answer these questions about Police bodycams.

Who sees them? Do they have to be turned in for review? Can they be altered? In each dept, is there anybody that has sole responsibility to investigate these cams, then turn it over to someone else? How does it all work out.

Manchin question here

Do the people of west Virginia support Joe Bidens plan? ( i thought they did) If so why don't THEY put pressure on Manchin?

Question on vaccine.

This AM. we got an e-mail from Pfizer stating , WE have been trying to contact you for a survey how you did with the vaccine. The thing is we DID NOT get the Pfizer, we got the Moderna. I DID NOT answer this because of maybe another scam starting up? Not sure. Anybody else have this happen to them? Just checking.

Seems like THIS was their plan if QRUMP was DEFEATED??

ALL the QTHUGLICONS ( CONGRESS and STATES)will CONTINUE QRUMPS LIES for the next 4 years!! NO-WAY will they work with the Democrats!! Munchin and Sinema gotta see this and DO what's gotta get done! We ALL know this!! End the filibuster!!!!!!

I don't know how, BUT

Before 2022 and 2024 there needs to be BIG CHANGES to social media!! Maybe NO ELECTION talk 2 months before or something!! THIS is important!

Just witnessed CRUZ refuse to put on a mask in front of reporters, even after One asked him too.

I just wish all the news people, (except for FOX of-course) Would SHUT OFF THEIR MICS. and WALK OUT OF THE ROOM!!! What a fucking JERK he is. He should get NO TV TIME!!

The question i've always had of pertaining to gun control is (I'm completely FOR GUN CONTROL)

How can QTHUGS STOP people from wearing guns in ANY Federal building, congress, court houses? My thoughts are How the hell do the courts get to choose WHERE they are allowed? IF they cannot be worn in Congress, Court houses, then they should NOT be allowed ANYWHERE PERIOD!!

About The rules of the Senate and House

Could the majority of BOTH houses passed a rule meet EVERYDAY? Just curious.
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