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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 3,516

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When Mueller gets RUMP it will be

A SLAM DUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN"T WAIT!! It will be soooo WORTH IT!

Just wondering: If the Kavanaugh hearing takes place on next Monday

Will the questions (to Kavanaugh) be limited to ONLY to the assault? (I'm hoping they could ask background questions) Like what male groups he was associated with in High school! and OTHER type questions. TY in advance

Hell i want to NAIL PUTIN as bad

As i want to NAIL RUMP!!!

Wonder if maybe another reason for fast confirmation of Kavanaugh could be

Because lots of repubs in congress need him as much as RUMP does!! (THEY ARE ALL GUILTY OF SOMETHING) He's there savior!

When we gain full control of Congress

We will be very BUSY Getting this country away from RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are pretty sure what Kavanaugh's answer will be regarding indicting RUMP

What's your thoughts about the OTHER Justice's? Will RUMP get a free pass here?

I"ve read things on this site about Kavanaugh that makes me wonder

Why the hell weren't they brought up at the hearing??? Maybe someone could explain this to me? TY in advance!

When Nunes loses in November I hope

The house (Democratic controlled) SUBPOENAS him!!! and makes his life a LIVING HELL

Should Dems ask Kavanaugh if

He's had communications with RUMP and if so what did they discuss??

Kavanaugh SHOULD

REQUEST RUMP lawyers to RELEASE the documents the Democrats are requesting!!!!! (or postpone this hearing)
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