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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 3,954

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Any thoughts on this? If Rump does get indicted, and finally impeached.

Would Pence follow through with Pardons??? (if he isn't indicted also)

How DUMB are REPUBS???????

Rump could bring down the WHOLE FUCKING REPUB CONGRESS!!!!! THAT"S how dumb!!!

If Avenatti says NO and his wife says NO. (which is what i believe) THEN

Any thoughts on who's stirring the pot here? (besides all the REPUBS i mean) Who is the MAIN one?

Actually i'm suprised that Nunes wasn't the new AG!!!

Guess maybe that wasn't possible?? Or maybe RUMP wants 2 SPIES instead of one?

Am i wrong in my thinking that maybe Mueller is concerned with RUMPS Pardons?

This could be why he has to be VERY SMART in how he handles this whole mess? A CHESS match for sure! MY money is still on Mueller though!!

After we take control is there anything we could do to STOP

Putin from stepping inside our AMERICAN White House?

Any thoughts here? Was it RUMP

That made the decision to fire Sessions? Or was he following someone's advice? 9(if so WHO?) DUMB MOVE I think!!

I'm hoping the House will ALSO investigate

ICE!! This bullshit needs to be stopped.

Every time Rump states a fact i say


Questions here. If we were to impeach Rump in the House and Senate votes NO. Then

In 2020 when we win the senate, can this vote be RE-TAKEN? Does the House have to start over again? OR could this be double jeopardy? TY in advance!
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