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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,373

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Maybe a dumb question here BUT

Could a texas resident flee to another state to get a LEGAL abortion?

Did i hear accosta right?

Did tfg praise the Taliban at his rally in Alabama?

Asking a question here for the smart ones we have onboard!

Would it be legal and possible for insurance companies to announce that they WILL NOT cover hospital treatment care (of Covid-19) for the UNVACCINATED? I mean set a DATE that say after Jan 1st. 2022, NO VAX? NO COVERAGE! THIS , i think would make people think twice about the shot!

Would love to see a picture with EVERY RETHUG that we KNOW that got the vaccination

ALL in one picture shown EVERY day, on every news channel, morning noon and night!

Serious questions here about Covid-19

Is there ANYTHING stopping hospitals from setting up temporary Covid-19 stations away from the hospitals? Completely free up the hospitals for NORMAL patient care. Let these unvaxxers start to get the picture that THEY will be treated in a hospital setting ONLY if and when they have time! I DO NOT see anything illegal if they did this. They DO NOT believe in science UNTIL they are on DEATHS BED! SO tired of these bastards getting the hospital treatment while normal people do not.

Gotta tell you about a text from my niece in TX.

My no vax sister got the covid. Her son drove her to ER. in Lumberton TX. (difficulty breathing) Got there and they administered the Plasma treatment then sent her home. This AM got another text from niece saying that my sister had a ROUGH night and her son was taking her to a dif. hospital. (Port Neches?) The real reason for this message is this. My sister was told that evidently she has to wait 100 to 200 hours for a bed there. (i do not know if patients are just in a chair or a bed waiting in the halls of the hospital?) CRAZY TEXAS!!! I hope she gets better. My sister is very much against the vaccination so i guess i have mixed feelings here.

I'm 100% for Joe's decision to bring troops home from Afghanistan, BUT

I do worry about the people left there PLUS i also worry about the Afghans we bring to America, when we all witness the bloodshed we are sure to see. Will some of these Afghans (that we bring to America) turn on us back here? Really gonna be scary to watch. Plus i'm sure the RETHUGS will be using this against us in midterms.

So when will they have the NEXT hearing? (Jan 6th. hearing)

I wonder if it would be possible for families that lose loved ones because of Covid to

SUE Fox news? (just because they continue to LIE) I think that could be interesting, maybe destroy Fox news!

Check out the BIG covid event happening NOW in Deadwood South Dakota

https://www.deadwood.com/visitor-services/webcams/ I haven't seen one mask! Open season for the Delta variant! Click on bottom video
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