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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,211

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question of the day

ok we know the election was stolen right? NOW the question, IF Mueller discovers all this to be true and files charges against all involved,and the repubs congress decides to do NOTHING, What are we all willing to do about it? (what options do we have?)

never in a million years

would i believe any American could ever fall for the lies of this PO SHIT

facebook was served with a warrant from DOJ

and i'm wondering don't they have lawyers guiding them? i sure hope they DID NOT release any info on the anti tRump organizers

is it possible

for well known DU members to give heads up to all other members if they feel there is possible russian trolls on this site causing mass problems to other members?

every time the

CBO score PROVED the assholes were lying so when are the fucking repubs sitting on the fence gonna STOP BELIEVING the lying bastards


how in the hell do these assholes get into office in the first place!!!! Heaven help us all

asking for your expertise

Ok if the assholes succeed in there healthcare plan Can we not if we get control of house and senate overturn all there bullshit just like they are doing to us? I know this is far fetched BUT most of the change starts 2026 so my question is can we reverse all there bullshit! One thing i learned thru all this is how much power the PRESIDENT really has and it's SCARY!!!

is it time for these lying assholes to

put there money where there mouth is?? I mean ask them on live tv so all can here ask them 1 question. Cassidy said all will get coverage no matter our income! sooo if we prove them wrong ask them will they pay $100 million dollars to the Democratic foundation? What do all Think?

i get it

the repubs are just using trump to undo all Obama's GREAT works and that pisses me off

can Mueller charge House repub on there investagating committe if

he doesn't cooperate with him (mueller) talking about Nunes obstuctionism
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