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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,056

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The Mississippi state flag: is it headed for the trash bin soon?

Rasmussen says Black support of donald trump has surged upward by 15%

I'm not a pollster, and I'm not black, so I wouldn't know for sure.... but I say that's complete bullshit.


First I've seen this. The Daily Show at a Trump rally.

Yes, 41% of Americans ARE that stupid. My brain aches.

Georgia, can we talk about Stone Mountain and the racist eyesore upon its face?

What's to do be done about that?

During all that ridiculous speechifying, not one bit of care for the root cause of this problem

Not a single hint of a pledge that he will listen to calls for justice and work to address them.

This is trump's America.

War on our citizens.

We are on the threshold of a dictatorship.

"Trump should feel no obligation to speak on unity"

"This goes against everything that he ran on. He didnít get elected because he was an appeaser for the left. He was elected to finally bring a voice back to the silent majority. He was elected to treat the left for what they are... childish thugs that have been given a pass for years unchecked. There is no excuse for the anarchy happening in the streets. violent acts happen to people of all colors and backgrounds all the time and society doesnít break down because.of it. No more pandering to these communist. He was elected to break the lefts back and their deep state and media protectors."

Words from a message board in which I used to participate but have now abandoned.

Did Derek Chauvin attend this rally?

"The Obama Administration and the handcuffing and oppression of police was despicable. The first thing president trump did when he took office was turn that around. Got rid of the Holder/Loretta Lynch regime and decided to start taking letting the cops do their jobs.
Put the handcuffs on the criminals instead of us."


trump set the atmosphere. Remember... he called Kaepernick a son of a bitch for PEACEFUL protest

So, you don't like peaceful protests, you orange piece of shit?

This was bound to happen.

The most pathetic figure in American history

Many candidates, but my vote goes to:

The common Confederate soldier

There was nothing "noble" about him. He was a damn fool, too stupid to be purposely evil but fighting on the side of monstrous immorality nevertheless. And to prolong an economic/political system that not only was obviously cruel to his fellow human beings but also insidiously oppressive to himself. The presence of slaves in the South meant that his own toils and sweat were grossly devalued, but he was too obsequious to his white masters to even realize that. When those rich slaveholders yelled "secede!" he obliged with "I'm willing to die for you, sir"!

But was his station in life at least better than that of the slaves? In terms of freedom and comfort, sure... but at least those black people weren't pussies.

I say all this as a son of the South.

What has the jackass said about the riots in Minneapolis?

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