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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Arkansas
Home country: USA
Current location: Arkansas, USA
Member since: Mon May 15, 2017, 09:46 PM
Number of posts: 8,402

About Me

I'm a lawyer primarily representing clients who are being sued. I am a retired Army Judge Advocate. Nothing I post here, including any comments about legal topics, should be construed as legal advice or creating an attorney-client relationship.

Journal Archives

It's a Grandson!

Herself and I just returned from the far corner of the State where we traveled for the birth of our first grandchild.

After some prompting, the doctors and nurses all agreed he is the prettiest baby boy any had ever seen.

Mother and son are doing well and at home.

A humble proposal concerning Trump's wall.

I propose that Congress appropriate the money Trump wants but only for the purpose of acquiring the necessary privately owned property by purchase or eminent domain. Given how long eminent domain proceedings would take, Trump would be long gone before they are completed. Better yet, when the federal government actually starts seizing private property the Republicans along the boarder will come unhinged.

My suspicion is that the first set of property seizures would be the end of the wall.

I'm coming up on 3,000 posts.

DU has become an important part of my evenings for the last couple of years.

As a Democrat in south Arkansas it has meant a lot to me to know that I am not alone. I sincerely enjoy the conversation.

I don't think I've pissed anyone off - too bad. If I have, please be assured it was not intentional.

Thank you, DU and DUers.

Why is Rachel a re-run tonight?

If Rachel wanted the night off, was there no one to fill-in? Was there no news? What am I supposed to do for an hour?

That chaps my retired Army ass.

Just saw Individual 1 at the capital rotunda for Bush.

When Cadet Bonespurs was ready to leave, he attempted to render a military salute. I have reconciled myself to Presidents returning the salute from aircrews when they board Air Force or Marine One. Other than that, civilians should simply place their hand over the heart. I would prefer that Cadet Bonespurs not even do that.

Has anyone found a site following the results on the Arkansas Supreme Court race?

I'm sweating this one.

I want to DO something about the Anti-Semitic attacks.

I've been mulling last weekend's attack in Pittsburgh. I just read about the attacks in New York - [link:https://www.democraticunderground.com/100211356787|

I think we (or at least I) need to stop mulling and DO something.

Any suggestions?

Want some candy?

We ALWAYS have a steady stream of kids on Halloween. I LOVE Halloween and pass out candy by the handful. As a result, we are on everyone's "must go there list," so it takes a lot of candy.

Tonight, it started pouring rain just at dark - no kids. We have LOTS of candy. The Google machine assures me it won't keep for a year.

The problem is that it's all candy I like. (Then again, I don't know of much candy I don't like.) If we can't shift this stuff, I'll eat it and die. I'll die happy but I'll still be dead.

Help needed with tactics for combating voter suppression.

My son and I are both lawyers but we need help.

My son has been recruited to be on a quick-reaction group based on rumors of plans for suppression plans for election day. Given the area, my suspicion is that given the area, the goal would be to suppress the Hispanic vote. He have talked about ideas for response but voting rights is neither his area of practice nor mine.

Other than telling people not to leave the polling place without at least casting a provisional ballot, what advice should I give him?

What's the over/under on how long it takes Trump to pardon the MAGAbomber?

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