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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 640

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If trump is a Russian asset his zealous supporters in the house and the senate

should be arrested and interrogated, as well as fox news license and Rush and company should be revoked for spreading lies and division in the country period.
no one who worked against our country should be spared.

Ladies and gentlemen we have a president

Who is he'll bend on destroying America.
and everything it stands for.
Time has come to stand united against
that lunatic. No compromise no giving in .
Time for the media to take a more aggressive stand against him.
No wall has ever worked throughout
history and this one is a Waite of money.
If he continue to keep the government
closed we should impeach him
on a long list of crimes against our
country. Those who support him
Should join him in hell.

china lands a probe on the dark side of the moon. world first. while we

are stuck with an idiot, ignorant, corrupt president who is dividing the country. Seriously damaging our leadership place in the world aided and enabled by a political party of the same immoral caliber. A president who wants to bring coal back and build beautiful walls.
what is next, horse and carriages and new technologies called telegrams.
god, help us.
please wake up and smell the coffee.

Since 2016 election the GOP has been

Jamming their policies down our throat
claiming that election has consequences .
I waited patiently for the day when
They lose and the day is here.
So to all the trump supporters
When we take over the house remember
Elections has consequences .

Less than 24 hours from the midterm

and trump wage war. Trump will not cooperate on any item of the Democrats
Agenda. So the leadership of the Democratic Party who are running away from the fight with trump, the fight is running after you. So god dam their is no escape. Your first item is impeachment
it is not to spit trump rather it is to save America.

The latest lie from our liar in chief today

Floating a trade deal with china so he can
get the market higher before the mid term
election. Out of nowhere even to the negotiators he told them to drat an agreement now. The same lie like tax break
to the middle class on or before November
first. Well today is November second.
The next lie from him may be world peace
before November 6th????

Trump is a clear and present danger

to the Republic. No ifs or buts about it.
Remember people get the leadership
they deserve. Is he what we deserve ?

Extremist right wing are terrorists

No different than the Middle East
ideological terrorists. They mean business
and theirs is killing the rest of us who
do not conform to their ideology.
Our president and party are pondering
to them. They should be held to account
as aiding and supporting terrorists through
their demagoguery.
Meanwhile the national democratic
party is so proud of blocking and
tackling strategy against a very dangerous
adversary. They are clearly not on message
and not up to the challenge against
The most corrupt and inept administration

The GOP con game is on and the put is

In full display.
The Democrats have to blitz the inzone now and cause the GOP to fumble.
You see the GOP gave huge tax breaks to the very wealthy. Deficit is sky rocketing. Rates will continue to move
Higher specially since the trade war with
the Chinese will cause them to buy less
Of our treasuries making interest rates
Move even higher. The democrats will
gain control of the house in 3 weeks and
Will have to raise taxes to stop the GOP
from calling for entitlements reduction.
Either way the slow down in the economy
Will be blamed on the Democrats for raising taxes.
The democrats should expose the GOP
Plan now and tell the voters to protect
entitlements by voting for the democrats
before it's too late.
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