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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 05:43 PM
Number of posts: 4,152

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Watched amazing movie

"Best Beer Run Ever." For us old timers who remember.

We made it

Hope my fellow SW Florida DUrs. are ok too.

Deathsantis does it again

He flew undocumented immigrants to Martha's Vineyard by private charter to uncertain services. Guess he doesn't know jobs are plentiful in Florida and we need people here to fill them. He's spending $12 million of taxpayer money to own the libs. A horrible little man.


Just an observation

Watching all the pageantry surrounding the Queen's death. All family members dressed in military garb except two. Andrew and Harry. That was kabosched by the new regime. Scandal and all that. But these guys are the only two family members who actually served in combat! Something's not right. Don't think I'm going to like this Charlie fella.

FYI Florida folks

Just got my appointment for the new booster against Covid tomorrow. Talked to CVS and that's what they're offering now. I was afraid we'd be late getting it, but thanks to CVS, appointments are now available. Check it out!


we were so happy to hear of approval for new Covid booster shots that address the newest variants. Traveling in September and want to be as safe as possible. Hope dashed this morning when WINK News reported Gov. Deathsantis isn't ordering any for Floridians. Some might be available in October. Lordy, that man has to be defeated.

Scratching my head

I spent most of my life in Chicago in the Englewood neighborhood. I spent my childhood right where the article mentions. Now its probably the worst gang infested, high crime area in the city. Why is the Fed Gov. spending $20 million for a nature trail here? Surely the needs of this community are better served elsewhere. This is foolishness and its throwing money away instead of using ing for good. Dang!


Just saw that

Quarterback who was fined and suspended speaking on tv. He denies any sexual wrongdoing, but is accepting his severe punishment. I'm confused. If he's willing to be punished for something he feels was not wrong, why? Not a big fan, but think that's suspiciously similar to TFG paying $25 million to a hooker for something he didn't do either.
Asking for the 20+women who complained about him.

Looks li!e dicktator

deathsantis has suspended a duly elected person in Hillsborough County and replaced him with his own appointed choice. Florida is looking li!e Germany 1935.


Ok, ok, ok,

I tried. Listened to Countdown with Keith Olberman. Couldn't last the whole podcast. Screaming and yelling and bashing is way too much for me. Blood pressure can't take it. His righteous anger isn't fun anymore. Things are too serious.
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